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Let's it Snow...let's it snow....

This winter we have plenty of snow.Last week again we was landed with 1 inch snow .Daddy asked me should he use snow blower or manual shoveling to remove the 1 inch snow? Well,since we hardly use the snow blower,why not? In fact,it's snowing again today!!! Hope today snow is not going to be alot or thick coz daddy can't do the manual work.He said he will teach me how to use the snow blower..He is on medical leave since last weekend.

look so easy right? just pushing the machine up and down!!

Last week Mishu's graduated from her violin's Twinkle Theme.One of her replacement violin teacher told me  that usually the parents bring in some snack for small party to celebrate their Twinkle graduation..Well,since her class is just 2 of them,I baked some muffin,brought in some fruit juice and black and white cookies..

I didn't realized the muffin is quite alot..actually it's plenty to feed an entire army!!!..I also gave some away to her bus driver and her Chinese teacher..

until today we still left with some mini muffin..

Mishu was given a Twinkle graduation certificate.I should get a picture frame to display her certificate.Let's enjoy her performance below:)



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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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