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Winter Storm Nemo and Chinese New Year

Let's begin my story about Nemo on Friday the 8th February 2013.Don't mistaken this Nemo's with Finding Nemo's.This was a deadly Winter Storm Nemo's that already killed 10 people in Tristate area.This Nemo's come in the conjunction with Chinese New Year the year of snake!! bad or good well.............

the snow started 6.00 am on Friday..since it's just started I still send Mishu to her school.By 3.00 pm the snow is about 1/2 inch.You still can see the ground not complete covered by the white flakes.

*pix courtesy from Ellen site*

Mishu coming down from her school bus..She loves animals especially penguin as you can see what she have on the top of her head.. .

the first thing she said when she came down from her bus is that she want to play in the snow but I refused to let her since it's very cold and windy.
still she hopping and skirting around the yard..

but I promised her if the snow keep coming by tomorrow maybe she can play at the backyard

then she agreed to come inside the house

overnight view at the deck
the snow is coming down fast and furious

by the morning everywhere was covered with white flakes
the blanket of snow is so thick

the white flurries make the scenery look quite a good pretty scene right?

I think the height is about 24 inch but some news said it's about 2 1/2 feet..

actually I still didn't have the chance to step outside yet ..

the driveway was cleaned by daddy with snow blower in the morning..Mishu accompany daddy while mommy was soundly asleep.

I complained why my van still covered with snow but he said he cleaned my windshield and side to drive..huh?
the snow covered 1/2 of our magnolia tree

nice view,right?

poor evergreen trees can't hold the weight of heavy snow

let's go back to our take a look at our CNY decoration..

we decorated our home 2 days before CNY

told Mishu to wash her hairs and shower before 12 am..and then allowed her to wear her new Monster High's pajamas..told Mishu it's Chinese traditional to wash her hairs before the 1st day of Chinese New Year

she complained why I took so many photos..look at her sour face!!

then the next day Mishu wanted to go out to the backyard again after received "ang pow" a.k.a red packet from mommy
this time she wanted to fish down icicle from gutter

look at what she trying to do

naughty Mishu

she wanted to eat icicle as lollipop

still looking sadly at my 1/2 cleaned van but luckily Mishu's school called this morning said Monday have no school!! on top of that all her weekend activities was cancelled too!!

this guy still not afraid to drive on un-plough  road..

I dunno what the town hall ppls been thinking !! I know it's weekend but it's already the 3rd day but the street still not clean yet!! where is the snow plougher??

so much snow where to throw?
this is the best daddy can do is just clean our driveway..

daddy car still covered with snow..for the last 3 days we just stayed at home..we have enough food for us that can last for a month so there no worried..

another guy driving on this dangerous street...accident waiting to happen..

I hope by tomorrow the sun will sun brightly to melt the snow little by little.....



Agnes said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you & family, Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

Nice snow scene. Really have to stock up food during snowy season.

Emily said...

well, nice to see a Malaysian in oversea writing about the life in there. Sobs I haven get any chance to feel the snow..guess expensive for travelling money searching food and found ur Asian Kitchen which direct here to see who is the writer behind...haha keboh :)

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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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