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Our Little Trip to Brooklyn

Today(actual it's was yesterday:Monday) I have date with Gertrude of My KS to visit one of our toys store in Brooklyn..I found this store while searching for Americolor food coloring..Since I'm a cheapo to pay for shipping and handling,I promised to myself one of these day I must visit this bakery store!!When we arrived at the store front we was so happy like waiting for Santa to deliver our presents..Long story short,we love this store .We was hopping and running from isles to isles looking for gems and wonders!! This store runs by a Jewish family.Their products quality are quite high end.We see most of the products are made in France,Italy,Korea,Germany and others Europe countries..There are some products made in China too..Overall some of the products are relatively cheap compare with other brand or others store..
 various  pan size and design available

 Ateco brand
 silpat that comes with enormous sizes
 Americolor and Chefmate brand  food coloring
 this is what I been looking for the longest!!

 these baking paper seem to be the cheapest compare with others places..

 cake base with golden wrapper
 cake pans

 cookies design
 better design cake base
 this store sold many items to small business like bakery
 also sold restaurant plates

 more cookies cutters

 this gal is boring waiting for us.....yawn...
cookies cutters which have handle..

did you wondering what I have bought at this superb store ?? look below!!

golden cake base and various size of cake paper wrapper ..hehehe!! look like I'm going to do alot of baking from now onward..

2 wooden spatula... it's made in France..

a silpat for macaroon  and pink sprinkle for Mishu

more Ateco pipping tips and a Cat cookies cutter
at last I found these Americolor food coloring !! The price is not bad considering the actual size..
so let's start baking now!! Happy Baking everyone!!



Agnes said...

items made from European countries are hard to find now and they are very expensive as compare to China made..looks like this shop has very extensive baking products. looking forward to see more of your baking from now on!!

Charmaine said...

OMG!! I would have been in heaven. Love these type of shops. Can browse for a long time. Not so good on the hip pocket.

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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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