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Happy New Year 2013 and Christmas Dinner!

Happy New Year to all my faithful readers,friends and family!! May this new year brings you all happiness,luck and prosperity!! I intended to post this entry on Christmas day but as you all know my lame excuse that lately I was lazy and lack of zest to update my blog..Anyway,let's me show you what Mishu got from Santa this year..and our Christmas dinner.Usually I don't cook Christmas dinner but on that day I was in the mood to cook for this special occasion at last I simply whipped out some food for the day!!

On Christmas eve's Mishu prepared Santa's and reindeer food..

milk and chocolate chips cookies for Santa.Oatmeal for reindeer with a reminder note from Mishu !!

early in the Christmas morning Mishu was so excited to open Santa's presents.*I said I can't believed she still believed in Santa Clause that he sending all the gifts ,that was my remark to daddy but he said I don't understand how American kids mind workyea...innocent mind right?*

counting her gifts

Mishu opening her gifts *daddy keep saying why she doesn't look exciting at all,maybe daddy expecting a happy reaction from her and she expecting something that she want  from her letter to Santa*

she had all her Monsters high dolls and  MH collections.. but something is not right..where is the penguin and MH pink bed??? she keep complaining.....*sigh*

Mishu gave this to her mommy: a jewelry box..She bought it from her school.

more gifts...this gift is from daddy co-worker..

she was disappointed  coz Santa didn't deliver her special request MH pink bed!! ouch!!
Anyway, her MH birthday party is coming...more MH toys is on the way!! We advised her to accept what she already had...must always feel blessed..

Here comes our Christmas dinner....I didn't go to shop for food for this occasion but MIL is coming so I just used what I had in freezer ...still have plenty of food sitting around..why don't used it?

Pan fried Salmon

Deconstructed spring roll.....this food was in freezer before "Sandy" was froze,thawed and froze again..that is why the appearance look bad after fried..
Creamy Broccoli soup

Cheesy Chicken Condor Blu 

 Seafood Linguine in Red Sauce
Our simple  and delicious Christmas dinner..

I bought 2 packets of Christmas flower bulbs from Home Depot on Black Friday sale. Unfortunately one of this plants is really stink!! My advise "Don't not buy this plants which is called "Paper White"!! When the flowers bloom,it's look quite pretty and decent but the smell will make you puke!!
it's does look like lily plant but don't mistaken it's won't smell like tiger lily or white lily..I almost want to throw the whole plant out but daddy said why don't cut the flowers of the plant..well ,if I cut away the flower,I better discard everything,right?

the other one is Amaryllis Plant..this plant is pleasant to look at..both plants bloomed within 2 weeks..

lastly is mommy gift from "Santa" accordingly to Mishu..

"Santa" have a good taste in choosing woman jewelry..not bad ...huh?



Agnes said...

Happy New Year to you & family!!

Wow, Mishu loves MH. I did not cook dinner on Christmas Eve nor Christmas Day, we have dinner treats at in Laws house.

Never knew flower smells stink, but it look nice in appearance.

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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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