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Our Christmas Tree is UP!!

Our Christmas tree was up!! Both Mishu and mommy is sick again with sore throat and severe coughing. Mishu brought her sickness back from school and gave it to her mommy.Last Friday Mishu saw her pediatrician ,so she is getting better now.She insisted we must decorate our home with Christmas tree and Christmas deco's.So both of us put the tree up last weekend.

last year after Christmas we went to Fortune Off to get some Christmas ornaments at 70% off..Mishu choose all dog ornaments.All her dog ornaments is not just a simply plastic made hanging ornaments.They are made from ceramic and very heavy.

another dog ornament

a beautiful butterfly clip
Mickey and friends

Mickey and Minnie riding bike

another dog

another dog but from Kohl's

all these new ornaments are from Fortune Off

I think this star look pretty ...whenever I see this Star I remember the kdrama "My Girl"

this year I crazily bought so many pots of Poinsettias..some are from Mishu's Chinese school sale and some are from Black Friday sale..

this snow wreath is also from Fortune Off..the white stuff (fake snow)look pretty but keeping falling whenever we touch it..*sigh*

I also bought Amaryllis bulb and planted in vase with water

Since Mishu passed her sickness to her mommy,her mommy is suffering big time now!! coughing like no tomorrow.. now it's time for her mommy to seek doctor for medication..too bad the doctor appointment is not available on the spot or on the day you want it..

yesterday after dropping Mishu at her dance class ,I crazily rushed to recycled empty cans and bottles at beverage barn.We have 3 full garbage bins of empty cans that been sitting on our deck before Sandy.after recycled I have to rush to farm market to get some fruits and lettuce for Mishu's lunch..then again I have to pick up Mishu from her dance class.Since my doctor appointment is an hour away,I decided not to go home and stop at Mr Mc to get our dinner.

since we still have an hour to kill..I advised Mishu to bring her homework along .Mishu doing her homework at Mc Donald.

I wonder why Mishu have stuffy nose during winter I "google" to find out the reason and some site said it's good to use cool mist humidifier since during winter we have heater "on"..Then I recalled seeing this type of crane humidifier when watching that time I wonder why all hospital in S.Korea use that thingy?? oh!!now I understand.After searching for reviews at few site,I decided to buy this crane shape humidifier at Bed and Beyond!! We been using this humidifier for a week and dunno it's this cool mist humidifier doing any good or help because right now both of us are very sick:coughing ,stuffy nose,sore throat and  cold.
yesterday,I cooked "chok"a.k.a congee or porridge.I decided to packed "chok" for Mishu school lunch in this new hello kitty bowl with cover.when she came back from school ,she tried to explained and show me what had happened.Her daddy warned me not to scold her,he said accident happened and I shouldn't use others lunch box than plastic.well,that gone my $7.00 bowl only at first used!!



Miracles in my life said...

Wow u guys really have A LOT of decorations and poinsettia plants! I don't even have my tree up because I don't know my son will "allow" it to stay! Lol

Ehh not cold there meh how come mishu wear sleeveless?

When Nicholas was sick last month his pead also said to turn on the humidifier and use nasal spray.

Mishu so good girl will take porridge to school. Wahh her daddy warn you some more! Lol poor mummy!but ceramic for little girl very dangerous. Maybe use a themos instead at least it won't break?

Hope you all get well soon. Did mishu get the flu shot?

Agnes said...

A lot of new fashion animals ornaments for Christmas. Wishing you and family a blessed Christmas!! Get well soon!

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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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