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Our 2012 Thanksgiving Dinner

We are thankful and blessed to have a healthy and peaceful life this year and hope the same for many years to come.

As usual we have Turkey for our Thanksgiving Dinner feast.Yes!! we have lots of food just for 4 of us!! Mishu's fruit sparkling bottle was at the center of the table....with peeled label coz that bottle was in ice box for months..Of course ,the rest of us adult had white zinfandel and beer!!

stir-fry string bean with shrimp

Chinese style fried rice
mashed potato with cheese

cauliflower top with 3 kinds cheese

brown gravy for turkey
the main dish :Turkey of the day!!

Shell pasta topped with cheese

this year I decided to get a small turkey. The smallest turkey I found is about 12 pounds!!
we have so much foods.Our table is too small.I prefer to get a new bigger dinning table but Eliot ask what should we do with this  over 100 years old table?? *sigh*Some of the food like potato salad , cranberry sauce and butter rolls can't fit on the dinning table..By the way ,we have so much leftover food..Until today the 3rd days we still eating the leftover.The good things is I don't have to cook for couple of days but the bad things is we're going to eat the same food over and over again!!☻



ICook4Fun said...

What a feast!!! I cook minimal this year and managed to find a small 9.5 pound turkey at Costco. Not much leftover as I gave some to my neighbor. I freezed up the meat and carcass for making porridge and maybe 'chai buey'

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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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