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Spring Flower 2012

***warning*** lots of photos!!!

I would like to dedicate this entry to my beloved mom in Malaysia.The reason is she love Spring flowers dearly but unfortunately Malaysia weather won't allow this kind of plants to grown there unless you live in highland.Hope you guys have a nice time enjoying my virtual garden tour here!! Enjoy!!

I bought 3 pots of Easter Tulip from a Farm Market ..3 pots for $10..good deal...huh?
elsewhere sold 3 pots for $15
this type of force tulip is only suitable to display indoor becos they were force to bloom early then regular outdoor tulip.
I like this kind of cut flowers for our home.I dunno what is the scientific name of this flowers but they come all the way from South America .
They  will last for almost 2 weeks in the water..quite tough..huh? The price is very reasonable..A bunch which consist of 10 stalk cost only $3.99!!

my outdoor red tulip

my magnolia flower is wilted..I guess this year spring come early

my beautiful yellow Forsythia hedges at the fences
love the vibrate yellow color

still waiting for my red tulip to bloom..Guess I won't able to see it's bloom next week..we're going away for Spring Break
will update our Spring Break vacation once I come back from West Coast
bought 2 pots of Grape Hyacinths at Mishu's Chinese school plant sales.
planted this batch of from bulbs last summer....still waiting for them to bloom before we leave..
Grape Hyacinths is going to bloom
I forget to cover the planters/soil after planted the tulip bulbs..The squirrels from our backyard were having party eating all my bulbs..
my poor tulip,left few stalks only
more tulip on my deck!!

I like these type of ground cover:Periwinkle is the name
isn't the Periwinkle purple flower look pretty?? it's all over my the other side of jungle cover together with poison ivy
Last year I pulled some Periwinkle from the ground and planted in a planter

Yesterday I paid a visit to Lowe's,my favorite nursery!!
love this type of ground cover:Creeping Phlox is the name

purple color
look like rose petal but it's not!! There are numerous types of Dianthus plant available throughout the nursery
Many Dianthus have flowers with a fragrant, spicy scent and notched petals

Creeping Phlox:Pink

Azalea flowers also suitable as hedges

Rhododendron plant ,the same family as Azalea 

this white flower look like cotton's pretty but dunno the name

Bell flower just arrived
new shipping arrived for Easter

more flower plants for Easter

loading bay,boxes of plants arrived
love the multicolored and multi-toned Pansy

Pansy in beautiful pot



Daisy Gerber


hanging pot flower

Jetfire Daffodils

more indoor plants

Easter lily

more plants on the sidewalk

strawberry plants


sorry ,I didn't get any of the plant..I prefer to wait for the sale...furthermore I need to clean my yard first before get any of the plants..
during the Spring season ,I love to see flowering tree blooms all over the places or along the street or highway
look like snow white,pretty ,right? Applecrab tree?? or Dogwood tree?? or Cleveland Pear?

after visiting Lowe's,I have to stop at Macy's to return some clothes..
on the way home I see more flowering trees
Forsythia is everywhere
Forsythia at my backyard

on the way home I stop at BJ's wholesale to get some stuffs
see more cut flowers

beautiful tulip in cute pretty vase for Easter

Easter lily

OMG!! this Hyacinth have a very strong fragrant!!

love the smell of this plant!!

pineapple on sale!! $1.99 each! very sweet!!

that all!! hope you enjoy the flower and garden tour!! see you next time!!



Agnes said...

The flowers are really beautiful, no tulips in Malaysia but plenty of hibiscus, haha..I really enjoy you spring flowers photo collections..Have an enjoyable spring break!!

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