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Pollen Allergy and School Photos

Yes!!we came back from our spring vacation and we had great time especially Mishu.I would love to post our spring vacation photos but for now I will just post some of Mishu's photos taken from her school.Mishu and mommy both severely  suffer from pollen allergy .I know we suffer from the yellow fine pollen from oak trees.As long as the flowers or atkins, look like long worms hanging from the oak tree ,we will keep suffering until the fell off the tree.After the stamens release pollen into the air, the catkins fall to the ground or gone we are going to be OK.We 're going to suffer for 2-3 weeks.Right now both of us have hay fever,sneezing,watery eyes and running nose.It's not fun at all.I have hate and love relationship with Spring season..
The weather forecast chart shown this couple of days we are going to very high pollen count :( *click the pix to enlarge*)
we like the photo,so we're going to buy it even thought it's very expensive .It's also good for school PTA fund.
this sheet of photo was laminated and have magnet for the fridge.

I took this pix from Mishu's iPod yesterday..My beautiful tulip was blooming big time!! Love spring flowers!! that is what I mean by having a love and hate relationship with Spring season..Love the Spring flower but in the same time hate the spring allergy!!



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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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