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Happy Thanksgiving 2011!!

I would like to wish Happy Thanksgiving to all my faithful readers ,friends and family!! Yes,we''re going to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with roast Turkey,sweet potato,string beans , Brussels sprout ,mashed potato and some dessert!! Yes ,I'm going to be very busy cooking tomorrow!! Maybe I shouldn't cook that much since daddy is on-diet??And I'm not a fan of Mr Turkey!!hehe!!
Mishu last day of school was on Tuesday.They had Thanksgiving recites for 1st Grader and after the recites all the students are allowed to go home ..that means 1/2 day of school! *wonder why they let the kids out so early?*

parents are invited to see their children performance..Mishu decided to be Red Indian.We handmade her Indian costume with brown paper(clothes) ,dried pasta (necklaces)and feathers(hat)!

after their performance all the parents have to signed out their kid with their class teacher at their individual classroom.Some of Mishu work was pin at her classroom..All the 1st Grader have computer as one of their activities.All the students are given their own computer to do their work with the topic given by their teacher...*wondering why she didn't said her mommy is awesome?*

enjoy Mishu Thanksgiving recites !!

Mishu teacher send home an evaluation of her language skill development.She think Mishu have problem with her learning ...It's said NY State learning standard requires Academic Intervention if the kid is at the risk not meeting English Language Arts (ELA) standards.Well,since her teacher assess Mishu must have additional learning support ,I more than welcome to let her participate the learning program.

I must filled out the information sheet about her weakness to let her teacher understand her better and in a way to help her overcome her problem.I think Mishu problem is that she is a bilingual child.She sometimes forget or speak without thinking when she identified He or She when in English about man or woman,girl or boy.For Mandarin or Chinese speaker,when you talk about (He is 他) or (She is 她),there is NO different in (Tā) pronunciation unless when you write the Chinese characters.For example...when I said "I Love Him or Her" in Chinese you have to write 我愛他  or 我愛她 and orally you can said Wǒ ài tā, so tā can represent HIM or HER when talking about the person...yea..I know that tricky,right? Daddy keep saying Chinese is one of the most intelligent and smart human being in the earth,why can't they come out with something like ABC characters that easy to learn and teach instead of using tones.
daddy to explain something so complicated to him?? Chinese culturalized almost 5000 years and they(the ancient Chinese) must have a reason why they do this way,right?

Well, so far I think this program help her alot..she can read better and use alot of high frequency words when talking.Her teacher had meeting with us ,said she improved alot and able to stand on her own doing works in the classroom..Hope her result in 2nd term of school is going to get better after the holiday..

before I go,let's me share with you one of my favorite Canto-pop idol Jacky Cheung  all time famous songs with you here....hehehe!! Me reminiscing 回憶 yesteryear....

I still remember I saw his concert at Madison Square Garden in 1995.At that time he was the only 1st Asian artist who held concert in MSG!! that was really big deal back then!!

love this song!!

if you're regular karaoke goers,you must love this song!! I heard this song at early 2000.....yeah.... that was almost a decade ago:(

my BIG Day!

are you wondering what I did for my BIG Day? I know some of you wanted to know especially my family over the other side of world..this year we did nothing special..but I did present myself with a set of Coach bag. .I never own any Coach handbag until last year..The one and only Coach bag I owned from last year (not used)was sold to my sister when I visited Malaysia..For the last 20 years my favorite handbag was LV's.Getting Coach instead of LV's can consider downgrade for me but what can I do since I'm a SAHM with no income:) Beggar can't be choosy,right? last Friday was Veteran Day..That mean Big sale day for shopper like me!! ..I figured Coach store at Outlet must have sale too..That right!! Mishu and mommy visited Tanger's Outlet nearby which is 35 minutes drive away(28 miles each way) to look for Mishu's winter boot,jacket and mommy handbag.Look what I found!!

I likes multicolored bag rather then black or gaudy color bag...this type of bag doesn't look boring right?

I bought a same design wrist let...the total is only $150 plus tax...not bad ..huh??

on my Bday daddy bought a giant cornbread muffin for me.sort of Bday.... I didn't bake or buy any Bday cake because everyone is on-diet except me!! hehe!!The fact is I'm not the fan of cornbread muffin..Daddy felt sad and disappointed,so the next day he bought another giant blueberry muffin from 7-11..well,told him the thought that count..Mishu helped mommy finished the Blueberries muffin..

We celebrated my Bday over the weekend at a Chinese-Japanese restaurant of my choice but too bad the food was suck big time.I didn't know that the restaurant changed it's wonder the food was suck! no mood to take any photos!!

after dinner we still plenty of time,so we decided to visited Lowe's to get a snow blower and Husqvarna chainsaw..Our must get items for the year!!! now we 're not afraid of snow storm anymore!! let's it's now,let's it snow!!

while daddy waiting for ready assemble snow blower at customer service,Mishu and mommy touring the Christmas decoration area..

how is daddy look? skinny and thinner,right? I really respect his dedication of weight lost method.He really control what he eat and drink.wish I can follow his lead...but I failed miserably!!

what do you think of Mishu new outfit? actually, I was looking for Christmas dress at Tanger's Outlet but can't find anything that look good and fit her..At last I found a peacock coat and 2 pairs of ballet shoes for her.This peacock coat by DKNY and on sale for $29.99!! very reasonable price  plus the material is above my expectation!! of course, I have to get a size larger since she grown so fast..Told her that I have to get her a Christmas dress for photo shoot with Santa. Mishu exclaimed that she didn't want to take photo with Santa this year but daddy was horrified after hearing her idea.He said taking photo with Santa is a traditional  and must for Christmas..
Frankly speaking, daddy never bring Mishu to any mass or Sunday mass at his he talked about traditional....*sigh*   she been to temple more than I can count....too bad..
Black Friday is around the corner.. hooray!! have my check list ready!! hehe!! And tomorrow Macy's have early bird special until 1 pm,maybe I should drop by..who know maybe I can find Mishu's Christmas dress...that can fit her!!!.....

OK..lastly I would like to share one of my favorite HK wuxia drama which I found few days ago @ YT.....been looking for it's a's has quite long episode... enjoy!!

go to YT to continue to see the rest if you're interested..

Before I leave, let me share one of my favorite singer and song here..


I like his version of

Descendants of Dragon and

Beyond version too...make me proud to be

Descendants of Dragon 

Trick N Treat 2011

Do you want to know what Mishu was on Halloween? Actually I didn't know what is her outfit called or the character..The day before Halloween,we shop at Marshall discount store and Mishu decided to get this costume!! look below!!

my neighbor said it's a character in one of Johhny Depp movie.I don't watch much western movie so I have no idea...Mishu thought it's a witch,so she request her mommy to get her a broom and stewed pot!!! Stewed pot?? mommy said if she have stewed pot and broom while "trick& treating" then how is she going to carry all her candies,right? well, no stewed pot but she had pumpkin pot instead..

before we left for 'trickNtreat',one of Mishu schoolmate came to show Mishu his Halloween custome..both of them are "ANGRY BIRD" LOVER!! I bet his costume cost a "bomb'!! so far anything regarding AB is only sold online..

time to go trick n treat!!

this year I didn't have mood to decorate for our house is just bare...

after the 2nd house Mishu complained her feet hurt...well,time to go back to change her shoes..

daddy said 7-11 have FREE slurplee for kids on that day.of course Mishu not going to miss the opportunity to get FREE slurplee!! after 1 hour trick n treat,we decided to call for the day bcoz the next day Mishu still have to go to school..

early on that day Mishu's school have Halloween parade..All Grade One student are required to make their favorite book costume for the parade..
at first Mishu want to make Angry Bird book...actually I did make Angry Bird costume sandwich board for her but at last minutes I changed my mind coz the teacher send a note home reminded us it's must be a story of a far I understand "AB" is just a game ...I wonder why they didn't make "AB" book...hmmm
so Mishu favorite storybook was "SpongeBob  Squarepant"!! sorry... her mommy is not creative..that the best she can do..

after the parade,all the student have to go back to their class to do some art work..
a ghost and a witch

a pumpkin make from toilet paper roll  and etc..

after spending about 1 hour at her school,it's time to go back...bye bye Mishu..see you at home!!


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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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