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Happy Thanksgiving 2011!!

I would like to wish Happy Thanksgiving to all my faithful readers ,friends and family!! Yes,we''re going to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with roast Turkey,sweet potato,string beans , Brussels sprout ,mashed potato and some dessert!! Yes ,I'm going to be very busy cooking tomorrow!! Maybe I shouldn't cook that much since daddy is on-diet??And I'm not a fan of Mr Turkey!!hehe!!
Mishu last day of school was on Tuesday.They had Thanksgiving recites for 1st Grader and after the recites all the students are allowed to go home ..that means 1/2 day of school! *wonder why they let the kids out so early?*

parents are invited to see their children performance..Mishu decided to be Red Indian.We handmade her Indian costume with brown paper(clothes) ,dried pasta (necklaces)and feathers(hat)!

after their performance all the parents have to signed out their kid with their class teacher at their individual classroom.Some of Mishu work was pin at her classroom..All the 1st Grader have computer as one of their activities.All the students are given their own computer to do their work with the topic given by their teacher...*wondering why she didn't said her mommy is awesome?*

enjoy Mishu Thanksgiving recites !!

Mishu teacher send home an evaluation of her language skill development.She think Mishu have problem with her learning ...It's said NY State learning standard requires Academic Intervention if the kid is at the risk not meeting English Language Arts (ELA) standards.Well,since her teacher assess Mishu must have additional learning support ,I more than welcome to let her participate the learning program.

I must filled out the information sheet about her weakness to let her teacher understand her better and in a way to help her overcome her problem.I think Mishu problem is that she is a bilingual child.She sometimes forget or speak without thinking when she identified He or She when in English about man or woman,girl or boy.For Mandarin or Chinese speaker,when you talk about (He is 他) or (She is 她),there is NO different in (Tā) pronunciation unless when you write the Chinese characters.For example...when I said "I Love Him or Her" in Chinese you have to write 我愛他  or 我愛她 and orally you can said Wǒ ài tā, so tā can represent HIM or HER when talking about the person...yea..I know that tricky,right? Daddy keep saying Chinese is one of the most intelligent and smart human being in the earth,why can't they come out with something like ABC characters that easy to learn and teach instead of using tones.
daddy to explain something so complicated to him?? Chinese culturalized almost 5000 years and they(the ancient Chinese) must have a reason why they do this way,right?

Well, so far I think this program help her alot..she can read better and use alot of high frequency words when talking.Her teacher had meeting with us ,said she improved alot and able to stand on her own doing works in the classroom..Hope her result in 2nd term of school is going to get better after the holiday..

before I go,let's me share with you one of my favorite Canto-pop idol Jacky Cheung  all time famous songs with you here....hehehe!! Me reminiscing 回憶 yesteryear....

I still remember I saw his concert at Madison Square Garden in 1995.At that time he was the only 1st Asian artist who held concert in MSG!! that was really big deal back then!!

love this song!!

if you're regular karaoke goers,you must love this song!! I heard this song at early 2000.....yeah.... that was almost a decade ago:(



Agnes said...

Malaysian's students are also having their long school holidays till first week of 2012. But most of the Chinese Primary school conduct 1-2 weeks orientation class for the new Primary 1 students here, so Pearl have to follow these classes.

Beachlover said...

that great have long holiday!!

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