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look at the mess!!

OK..let me show you what I mean when I said I come home to messy and dirty house after my 9 weeks summer vacation in Malaysia..Trust me it's not a pretty sight!!

both garage look so messy!! hardy can walk thru!! Eliot brought home all his mother stuffs from her previous senior home and store in our garage..I requested Eliot to help me to throw away the stuffs that was not used..or donate to church or charity..

my backyard garden path walk..full of branches and debris after Hurricane Irene

weeds grown leap and bound!!

lilies plants that need to trim

weeds grown all over the yard

Eliot throw everything into the shed

after Irene's all the gardening tools ,table and chairs still left un-organized!!

my vegetable garden look like little jungle now!!

I filled Mishu's sand box with 4 packs of play-sand before we left for our summer vacation and now it's look like it!!

horrible sight of Mishu's trampoline

weeds grown from the planters and vases!!

path walk to patio..can't see the stone..covered with weeds!! I'm asked myself many many times during the weekend "how to clean all this mess at once"? just looking and thinking make my head hurt!! ouch!

luckily my curry leave plant still striving!! maybe I placed this plant indoor ...that is why,it's still surviving!! but my kaffir lime plant was "gone with the wind"!! dead!!

yesterday we spend hours cleaning this side of garage...we throw plenty of Eliot's mom stuff away but still there are plenty around that is so old that have value memories to albums,photos,scrapbook,her mails and for now I will leave for Eliot's to go thru his mom mails first..
Life back to normal but I still have plenty things to do: you can name it by look at what I shown it's time back to work..



ICook4Fun said...

Oh wow, that is a lot of work for you to do. Do it bit by bit each day and don't stress yourself out. Get Eliot to help you out especially the yard. For me, even with the little yard in front of the house I get Carlos to help me with the weeds. They grow so fast and I can't keep up with it. I pull today it grow again tomorrow :(

Beachlover said...

yes's alot of work!!today I didn't have time to do any cleaning or gardening at all...I have to run around doing errands..recycled cans,sending stuffs to church as donation,return shoes at Marshall,food shopping at BJ's and sending Mishu to dance the time I finished,it's time to cook for dinner..after dinner have to do some laundry and ironing...that is what I do for today!! that life ...huh? well, I didn't mown lawn since last year..Elliot been doing that since..last Sunday I washed 2 cars inside out for hours and Elliot don't dare to sit at home,so he go to chop and split all the fire wood ..these days he been co-operative doing stuffs at!! it's about time,right? even my neigbour who came to take back the generator after Irene see me the 1st time since I'm home said this to me " I see Eliot mown the lawn b4 you come back"..see?? neighbor also have eyes to see what happening??

Sunshine said...

After your 9 weeks vacation you have to many things to do. Thankfully Irene didn't really do much to your place you should have seen when Ike hit us.

Your hubby miss you and mishu. Since you've been gone for so long he miss you and don't want you to be so san fu. lol...

You had to throw away food from your refrigerator what about your freezer? Did you have to get rid of everything in the freezer too?

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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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