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Valentine Day 2011

Valentine Day was yesterday.It's another day for us to find an excuse to celebrate ♥ with our love one..Every year Mr E will come home with few boxes of heart chocolate..This year is not exception!!
I forget to pack VD's gift for Mishu's classmate again but Mishu brought back many VD gift from her classmate..Her teacher teach them how to make paper flower for VD..

for me VD is just another day..I didn't plan to bake any cake or make any stuff until last minutes..On the VD morning I scramble to make VD cupcakes and jello..maybe I thinking of Mishu and Mr E.Both of them love celebration...any celebration!!...Mishu said Happy Birthday to me everyday!! lol!! that right!! Since I baked about 24 cupcakes,I gave some away to one of my neighbor..I know by the end of the week ,my cupcake still sitting in the fridge,so better give away while it's still fresh rather then trashing away later..
this gal is patiently waiting for mommy
Told Mishu her daddy brought home something special for her..She can't wait!! A white bear with a huge box of chocolate ..
a box of chocolate for Mishu and another box for mommy!!
Mishu is going to open all her VD 's gift from school
she is inspecting all her goodies..
her boyfriend give her this!! hahaha!! we always tease her about her boyfriend since she keep talking about the boy in her class which she close to..Mishu will tell us it's not true or don't talk about him anymore!!! that make her daddy happy!!
see?? all goodies on the table belonged to Mishu!! Mishu is the happiest kid in the world now by looking at her goodies!! Happy VD everyone!!



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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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