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Mishu Recite Chinese Songs at SBU

As promised at previous entry ,I'm going to post Mishu recite at SBU for Chinese  New Year celebration.Here you goes....

Mishu and mommy arrived at Wang Center, SBU(Stony Brook U) first.Mishu taking her lunch bag along with her..

Girl in black!!..Yes!! they want all the children to wear black pant and top when recite

Every year her Chinese school will held their celebration at Wang Center..I understand Charles Wang who is the founder of CA(computer associate) present this center to SBU as personal gift..Read here for more info regarding Charles Wang

before the real recite they have to rehersal few times first

this gal like her butterfly clips which was given by her Chinese school teacher..I have no idea why she would like to use the butterfly clip on her hairs as hair clip..She told me it's pretty!! haha!

Mishu is painting a mask with other kids

This event was organised by Taiwanese Association in Long Island

I dunno what is she painting...look at the mismatch color! haha!

huge giant mask

I see many people learn how to tie corn knot at this stall...

I want to learn how to tie the corn knot too but I know I won't capture or understand what she thought us in few minutes

this lady is quite good..she make some earring and bracelet from the red string

I forget to take 1 sheet of the manual instruction back home with me.Maybe I can learn from the drawing..tough luck! haha!

the school want all the children to wear Chinese custom or vest out side of their black attire..before the performance they have to rehearsal again..

after rehearsal ,it's snack time!!Daddy comes to watch Mishu recite at 3.30 pm..!

Mishu's schoolmate playing drum first at the 1st play

then comes Mishu's group recite 3 Chinese songs...let's listen to their songs below..

and these ladies perform few interesting dances or maybe you can called exercises like tai-chi

and these 2nd batch ladies performs tiger claw dance with R&B cute!

this lady playing Pi Pa 琵琶..while I was taking the Vid of this lady playing PiPa,suddenly my camera was out of juice!! doom!! so I can't take pixel or vid for the rest of performance..Must get another extra battery for my camera soon..Anyway,below was the Pipa performance ,very fine and smooth sound of instrumental..



My Little Space said...

Your daughter is very cute! She speaks well Mandarin too? Great to have such activities for the overseas Chinese. Guess, her mom also having fun too! haha.... Hope you're having a great day.
Cheers, Kristy

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for your kind words..Hope to see you again here..☺☺

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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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