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Yard Cleaning!!

Today weather is windy and nice.. actually it's not too cold just nice to spend some time outdoor.So it's time for me to clean our yard since we don't and can't afford to hire landscaper or "amigos" (friends) to do the yard cleaning work..This little gal is "helping" mommy raking leaves..
Using a shovel to rake leaves!! *hit my head*
working *shrug*
" done"!! said Mishu.I told her she better get out of my way and let mommy finish what she doing..

after raking for one hour,it's time to take some rest..
half of the garbage bags already gone to curbs at driveway...we have collection on every Thursday for yard waste so I better prepare whatever I can.
Mishu loves bird house,so I get her 2 birds windsock at the outlet store..
Spring is the time for flower bulb like lilies,iris,tulip and etc...
Iris is coming back at early spring but only bloom around May..
this wild lilies never fail me,always comes back early spring until late summer.
I was surprised this healthy Oregano is coming back again this year,so early ..
after the so-call cleaning and raking ,it's time for Mishu to play. Bubbles blowing time!!
she want me to buy her a one gallon bubble when we shop at Target weeks before..
Happy Time!! keep blowing her bubbles...
her daddy said it's her job to "PLAY"!!

I found some potter holder at $6.99...each when I shop at Tuesday Morning store...about 15 miles away from me..The nearest Tuesday Morning store sell crap and was closed for good.
this pot holder design look so neat and can be swing in and out..I bought these pot holder last month and been sitting on the deck since then..Eliot warm me it's will get rust with rain and snow but so far everything look good!
these 2 set of pot holder look cool...yea...I can't resist not getting them too...$4.89 each!! cheap ,cheap right? summer is coming..I love annual like Impatient,mums and etc... Busy time for gardening now!!

Our Search is Over!!

We been all over Long Island furniture stores ,searching for our ideal living room sofa set. Remember my recent post mentioned that our currant sofa is out of shape ,torn and have broken legs ? I would like to get our sofa set in strong leather ,black in color and compact seating material,not flabby .But it's really hard to find the perfect one I like..Some material is too soft with the color I want,some style look good but the workmanship look lousy,some have the leather material I want but the seat is too low or high..Looking for a ideal sofa set is really tiring,it's like buying a car.Hopping from one store to another.At last I choose this store at Farmingale..The price is so-so,not the color I want but acceptable..*wink*
They told us the delivery is about 3-5 weeks..Dunno why it's take that long for them to deliver..It's not special order furniture,they just need to ship from the warehouse somewhere to us...*sigh*
I forget to take the photo of the sofa we choose...*sigh* but I will show you once it's arrive!!
I like to change our formal dining table too,but Eliot is not really interested coz we have a 100 years old dining table belonged to his mother..The so-called antique..*shrug*

The furniture sale is everywhere...some even offer 60 months payments for 0%...but of course the prices will be higher if you take the installment payment..I think it's not worth it...I hope the furniture will arrive soon...Anyway,we need to get ride the old set first..I contacted Salvation Army Thrifty Store,they told me to give them a call when I want to remove the sofa..but Eliot said they only want presentable and good condition sofa not broken legs sofa..Well,maybe I just leave the old sofa at our driveway or curb...some one will pick up if they are interested..
Remember,my recent trip to JC Penny Home Store? This package arrive within a
I ordered this set of panels and valance for our large front windows...still didn't hang this beautiful cream color set up yet..
Instead I hang this colorful valance up with the white panel I bought from Ikea's.. Spring time is here ,so the design must match with Spring Season Theme! hehehe!! The sale person at JC Penny Home gave me a good price on both valance I order from her. After all the discount each valance cost me about $12!! so I order 4 pieces of this colorful valances. I didn't order the colorful panels coz I think both panels and valance combine together is overwhelming..
This is how both panel and valances look..
How it's look? Not bad..huh? You can't see the white panel from Ikea's at the background.

My Visit to Warehouse Food Outlet and Scared!!

Yesterday around 4 pm, I went to a Oriental store at Hickvilles ,Long Island.One of my regular reader ,Mei(Malaysian) who live nearby told me about this place. Thank you ,Mei:) Mishu refused to go with me ,she rather stay at home with daddy. It's took me 20 minutes drive there with my reliable and beloved GPS!!
This store is really huge but mostly all the dry grocery is not in proper arrangement and dusty.Maybe because the stocks doesn't move fast enough.The price is almost the same as the one in Flushing or Chinatown. As for the perishable and meat,I rather buy from our local store or go to Flushing..
After 5 hours shopping at the Oriental Warehouse and Ikea's....I bought quite some good stuffs..Ikea's and the Oriental store is just less than 1 miles away..

as usually I get some fermented sugar cane packages ,peanuts,salted duck eggs ,dried rice cake and etc..
my currant maltose is quite low,so I better get another one to stand by in case I'm going to roast duck again!!...also get a Panang sauce (thai's spices)
also found Yuen Chun thick caramel sauce and kicap manis (sweet soy sauce)!!
then went to Ikea's to get this panel on sale !! $4.99 for 2 panels!! Stay tune to see what I do with this panel! I found Ikea's price is not cheap anymore! unless you get the off season items or items on sale!!
I was looking for sweater hanger for quite some time. I think I destroy all our sweaters by drying in dryer after washed...Now I found it at Ikea' $19.99
this drawer liner is quite tough and thick!!'s time for spring cleaning!!
I needed this mask if I'm going to work outdoor during Spring season .. My doctor confirm I have an allergy ...the worst news is I'm allergy to all kinds of pollens after thoroughly blood test!. hope this mask won't disappoint,,not bad for $1.00 !! found at Oriental store!!
also get a another pack of disposable mask at $1.00!
Today after sending Mishu to school,I decided to shop at Walmart...get some seeds and other stuffs like potting soil,milk and etc.. This year I decided to plant some herbs too!1
I also bought some beautiful craft design pot holder at Morning Tuesday...Stay tune for next post!!!
Last weekend,we got scared!! Eliot complaint chest pain for quite sometimes..on and off...about 3 weeks..So on Sunday he decided to go to emergency room at the hospital!! I think what make him scared is 2 of his co-worker have blood infection in their chest due to rotten tooths.After staying in the emergency room for almost 5 hours,doctor found nothing really serious ....The nurses checked his blood and heart said everything is normal..thanks god!!
Mishu pose for her daddy....she was very tired,whole day didn't get her nap....worried about daddy..
How about this pose? after release from the emergency 's we headed to KFC for take out!! in 2 days I didn't cook at all,we just eat KFC! hehehe! minor celebration!!

Sears here we come!!

Yesterday around 4.00 pm we headed to our nearest mall where Sears store located..I plan to get few set of winter outerwear for Mishu.She been sick every month during winter. Her daddy said maybe she need warmer coat or jacket when she go out of the house or go to her school. Mishu refused to let me snap her photo.She hide her face behind mine beach hat..
The outerwear clearance price at Sears store and online are totally different..So I request the cashier to match the in-store price with online price..After brouhaha for about 30 minutes she told me to order online on to get the price I want or print out the online price and she will match for me..Of course ,the online price is lower than in-store price....but the computer in-store next to the cashier is not working,so I have to run down to another floor to use another computer.
This in-store computer on ground floor is working but there is not link for me to "BUY" or "Choose" the jacket I want..I want that jacket!! So I asked for help..a store manager come to my aid..she have no idea why doesn't provide consumer with the link.Anyway,she print out the jacket for me in her office,she come back to me after 20 minutes,told me that the in-store don't match the online clearance price.She explain the reason why online jacket don't have link it's because they are sold out! It's said while stock last on the item!! but...but why don't they remove the whole listing? usually retails store do price matching.. Well,what can I said? Nothing,right? Anyway,I run to the second floor again since I reserved the jacket with the cashier.. Look at what I bought?

Mishu like purple or violet color. I bought 2 jacket at same size and another two size larger..Now a piece of these jacket cost about $18 plus tax and after 15% off..
her daddy said why brown color? well,maybe I should return the brown color since both father and daughter dislike the color.
I thought brown color is good for her when she play outdoor and dirty need to wash all the
I didn't realised that the cashier didn't remove the security tag for me..Eventually I have to go back to the store again..
these throw is on sale at $4.95 a piece...there another 15 % bad ...huh? Mishu choose a penguin one and I choose the one with Fall season design.
On last Thursday after school ,I bring Mishu back to her pediatrician again..She have bad chronic cough especially during evening time. Her daddy worried she might have something..
she sitting on the bed waiting for her doctor..
poor Mishu...her doctor said her chest and lung is clear....maybe some red infection on her right ear..
she prescripts an antibiotic to Mishu but this time she change her medicine to anther brand.
Mishu is a good patience....Anyway,she still coughing...Her daddy want to change her pediatrician....I think maybe I should look into few pediatrician in our area..going to call our insurance listing tomorrow..


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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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