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Chinese School Graduation Ceremony

Last Sunday,Mishu attended my friend's 6 years old son Chinese School Graduation ceremony and in the same time I want to register her intake for next semester but unfortunately the principle refused to take her due to her age.She told Mishu to come back next year for registration,the best age they take is about 5.Another teacher told Mishu to attend the first day school opening as obverser when Mishu keep chanting she want to learn Chinese.The reason she gave me for not accepting Mishu is ,she still a baby and her hands is still in the process of forming!!..She said American Pediatrician discourage children under 4 to hold pencil or pen!!Isn't true?.But ..but I told her don't worried,Mishu is not really a fragile child,she can break anything or everything everyday!!.but the teacher still insist Mishu come back next year.I told her Mishu really want to read and write Chinese but ....
Actually this Chinese school is non profit church and all the teachers are volunteers.We just have to pay small fee for each semester and a year we have to pay twice.The fee is for AC and maintenance for the class room which is a peanut.My friend who introduced me to this church told me don't expect too much from the teachers.They don't supply book or reading material for the kids.But they will teach the kids to write and read in their own way. I think it's good for her to attend the school next year,at least she will be more mature and understand better.As for me I have to drive her 45 minutes without traffic to Queens every Sunday !!.So for now we both better enjoy our self first!.
The school prepare some snack and drink for the kids after ceremony
Mishu "wallop" chips while graduation ceremony is still in the process..she can't wait...too tempting

After the ceremony,we shop for some food and fruit in Flushing.Mishu love mango and mommy love guava...During summer fruit is relatively cheap here..$1.49 per pound for the guava ,$2.50 for 2 mango and $1.49 for a punnet Strawberry
Watch out!! Mishu grasping her mango!!.She finished the whole mango by herself .After she eat all her mango,her surrounding mouth have allergy reaction with red dot,or blood clog mark!!.

These student graduate from the school.

Home Depot Promote Recycle

Are you a GREEN person??.Did you remember Al Gore bring "green" awareness to save the earth?.Every person on the earth should try to help our mother earth survive longer by recycle their used bottle,can,papers and etc...That same goes with any big companies.
Home Depot, the nation’s second-largest retailer, will announce on Tuesday that it will take back old compact fluorescents in all 1,973 of its stores in the United States, creating the nation’s most widespread recycling program for the bulbs.
That is a fabulous idea and I hope all others retailer will follow .Read here

New RVs

Few of our neighbourhood's homeowner owned RV's as we can see they parked their motorhome right infront of their lawn.I wonder why they own RV since they have a nice home but later Elliot explained that they 're a regular camper at New York Upstate which is not really far from Long Island.We didn't have the chance to go camping yet and I would love to experience camping lifestyle when we go for our next vacation soon.I think renting a RV's or motorhome is a good idea or us to experience the challenging campground at New York Upstate reservations .Motorhome and RV's setups are smooth, stable vehicles that are fun to drive and enjoyable to live with on long is a one-stop shopping and informational web site for the recreation-vehicle enthusiast. If you're looking for New RVs ,used RV's or New Motorhomes, and Used Motorhomes,you found the right place.RV' offer clearance inventory at deep discount price as much as 40% off!!.

I Need Help To Remove Window Vista!!

Finally I decided to replace my new Dell with Window XP..but unfortunately I can just delete or remove Window Vista from the computer control panel.So in order for me to do that I "google" some site where all these geeks teach me how to get ride Vista.I think I didn't clean up Vista completely before download Window XP,so now my Dell go bonker!!!.I quickly reinstall again Vista but it's won't take my existing modem,that mean No Internet connection!!.I called up Dell,they told me if I install XP in the hard drive ,if anything goes wrong in the hard drive the one year warranty won't cover because I violate the agreement!!.And he said my Dell computer hard drive make for Vista not XP,so it's not compatibility.Isn't true? But told them I reinstall back Vista,is still won't function .Dell customer service(of course from India) said there is nothing wrong with the computer!!.It's my Internet connection!!.So I called my cable company(in Long Island),a gentleman who is so nice assist and advise me what he do .I told him my problem,he said maybe I installed 2 OS in the same hard drive.He asked me to use the same modem for old computer,but I told him it's won't get connection too.He said I have to unplugged the modem from all the hard wire and let it rest for one minute.Then I can connect again to the old computer.Oh!! yes he is right!!..Right now I have to use old computer looking for a website he introduced me to clean up the Windows and reinstall XP.But ..but all this site guide us to clean XP not Vista!!..Now I'm so confuse..Elliot laugh at me,seeing me using his old computer yesterday..I need help!! Anyone out there is good with this mess??

Amateur Pianist

Amateur Pianist perform her concert in Long Island..Guess who it's??.Of course,she is Little Mishu!!.I dunno where she get her inner artistic nature.I know I don't have talent in singing,dancing and playing musical instrument,neither is her daddy!..She love dancing and singing.Until today she still remember Warung Dance we saw in Bali.She willingly perform Warung Dance for you if you ask her nicely!!lol!

American Most Talented!!

I would love share this video clips with you guys if you didn't have the chance to see it yet!!.We love it especially when Mishu see the 4 year old singing .She said she wanna to sing there too!!lol!!

America's Got Talent Clip: Britney Spears Impersonator

America's Got Talent Clip: Adorable 4 Year Old Singer

My First Garage Sale!!

Over the weekend,I finally had my first garage sale!!.I planned to have this garage sale for months and finally I done it!! During the last few days I was so busy running around before the sale.I have to draw sale poster and hook it up on lamp post at every section and junction a day before the sale .But unfortunately,someone took away all my posters .Beside the poster when I was putting up the sale poster it's pouring hard.I was wet like a dog ,running home with hammer and nails in my pocket..Poor me!!*sobbing*.I pray hard it's won't rain on garage sale.The weather forecast said we have 80% chance of rain in our area.Elliot is not very keen to get ride of the stuffs in the garage.He love to collect junk and craps.Furthermore he thought what he collected is an antique!!.Well,at last he only let me sell some of his toys which have missing parts and body.
I woke up at 7.30 am to clean the driveway before bringing out all the items from garage and store room.The sale start at 9.00 am and people start coming in at 10 am which is good for me.I have to haul all Mishu's baby clothes and baby stuffs from boxes and bags to display on the ground.But the ground is still wet,so I have to lay cardboards and garbage bags before display all her stuffs. Luckily Elliot willingly come to help me.He stay with me the whole time during the sale until 4.00 pm.He even help me to clean up some part of the garage after the sale to rearrange the new shelves .It's nice for him to voluntary come to my aide especially the cleaning part!!.Of course when I started my bitching action!!! ahemmm....!!ahahaha!!..Trust me asking him to help me cleaning is like pulling his teeth from him.The purpose of this garage sale is to removed all the craps and junk from the garage and rearrange the shelves I bought from Lowe's weeks ago.At least with the shelves in order I can find the stuffs I need and it's won't hurt my eyes every time when I walk in the garage.About 2 pm it's drizzling and I thought"OMG"!!.all my stuffs going to get wet but luckily it's stop after 10 minutes and sunshine greet me again!!
My mother in-law left quite alot of crystal and glasses here with us.I have no idea how the crystal look like, all wrapped in the newspaper until, a customer asked for bigger glasses..Well,some of the crystal was broken,maybe from moving the boxes around the garage when I was cleaning weeks ago.
Look at this broken cup!!.I have no idea where is the saucer.
Mishu happily playing around the driveway,in fact she drive us crazy moving the stuffs from left to right.We managed to sell Mishu's sleeping Dome ,some new toys,GI Joe's VHS tape,my sneaker,some stationary,some Indian Arts belonged to my MIL,a set of cup and saucer and some new home decoration..All in we managed to make $110.00 sale!!.Not bad at all!! I wish I can sell Mishu's clothes but unfortunately we didn't managed to sell even one piece!!.What a shame!
Posted by Picasa

We clean up the garage after sale and I throw some of the stuffs in my van and drove to the nearest church.To my surprised,when I was at the church there are plenty of baby stuffs at the church front door.I guess some people refused to have garage sale and just send all their stuffs to church.To save the nuisance and energy..Yes,it's very tiring to have your own garage sale but we plan to have our garage sale again soon!!.I think we still have plenty of junk and crap in the house,Maybe this garage sale result will encourage Elliot to sell more of his stuff next time!..

Christy Sports

Are you a sportsman??.Do you like snowboarding in winter at the peak?.If yes,look no further ,Burton snowboards are on summer sale right now to bring you the latest winter gear and attire.Of course ,now is the best time to buy ski gear,snowboard gear,ski and snowboard clothing in summer for winter sport!! .I always wanted to experiment skiing but never have the chance yet!!.I'm not a fan of cold weather but I don't mind wearing suitable winter clothing at outdoor activity in winter as long as I'm not freezing.It is very important to dress properly when exposed to the elements such as storms and gusty winds when skiing .A good jacket or pair of pants can make the difference between a horrible and great day when skiing or snowboarding. Christy Sports is the largest specialty ski and snowboard retailer and snowsport service specialist in the Rocky Mountain region. Remember to visit the nearest store and equip yourself with suitable gears before enjoying your skiing and snowboarding experience!!

Children fed 'silly pills,' forced to perform sex shows

I was horrified when I read this headline in CNN !!

In the windowless front rooms of a former day care center in a tiny Texas community, children as young as 5 were fed powerful painkillers they knew as "silly pills" and forced to perform sex shows for a crowd of adults.

What on earth wrong with this people (50-100) don't have self conscience when they watch these kids perform sex show in front of them??.Don't they have children of their own?.Shame of them!!

The one-story building where prosecutors say four children -- the three siblings, now ages 12, 10 and 7, and their 10-year-old aunt -- were trained to perform in front of an audience of 50 to 100 once a week has been vacant since the landlord ousted the alleged organizers in 2004. Read here

Daily Blogger Award

I received this award from Little Corner Of Mine ,Thank you very much!! ..Actually she send this love to BeachloverKitchen blog,but since I'm a daily blogger in this blog then I would love to send it to Beachlover blog as well!!

"This award is to be given to blogs that have at least 3 posts per week. I appreciate their kindness and generousity of sharing their wonderful recipes with us rain or shine". Quoted jthorge

That right!!I posted more than 3 post a week and I need it!!lol!.

Well..I would love to spread this award to
1:Cath- CatCat
2:Rita-I'm Making Note
4:Puteri Musings
5:Hooi Imm
So feel free to spread this love if you like this award!!


Criss Angle Believe

I had the opportunity to see Criss Angel in NYC at a small club in Time Square. I had never heard of him and really didn't expect much. My friend and I sat in the second row of what felt like a phone booth sized club. From the second the curtain was opened I was blown away, I keep saying over and over in my head how the hell did he do that ?!?! I mean I was almost on stage we were so close and and he still was able to perform the most elaborate and complicated illusion I had ever seen. Some people may think that going to a grand Hotel like the Luxor in Las Vegas that hell have the distance to pull of the big illusions, but trust me Criss is such a talented artist that he could pull of the biggest and best trick standing in front of you. If you have to opportunity to see him do it and if you have the opportunity to see CRISS ANGEL Believe in Las Vegas at the Luxor do not let that opportunity pass you by !! CRISS ANGEL Believe transcends any preconceived notion of what it means to be emotionally engaged by the arts of mysticism and illusion. Imagine a fantasy, an allegory, a highly theatrical tableau of mood, reverie and emotion set against a backdrop of dreamlike darkness and light.CRISS ANGEL Believe will be a haunting exploration deep inside the inventive mind of mystifier Criss Angel as he hovers between the land of the living and a surreal world uniquely woven together by the distinctive imaginations of Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil.
Cirque Du Soleil is world renowned for its talented performer and its fantastic shows. They only show case the cream of the crop at their show and they are constantly changing and up grading, so how could they improve an already great show, that's easy add Criss Angel to the show with all the talent in one place you'll need to wear a seat belt to keep you from standing in your seat and cheering at everything you see .Reservations can be made up to four months in advance. Don't forget to Text 'Believe' to 22122 to win 2 tickets to 'CRISS ANGEL Believe'.!!
Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

Window Vista or Window XP?

At last Elliot assembly my new computer table.I quickly unpacked my new Dell toy and put it together.Boy!!.let me tell you it's really time consuming and make my head spinning!!.I have no knowledge of IT or computer but I don't think to assembly a new computer I need to earn that degree!!.So far ,I teach myself how to troubleshoot my computer problem .Well,my computer knowledge is limited as I learn when I surf online.But why on earth I customize my new dell with Window Vista??.Very frustrating*knocking my head*

Problem #1...I can't connect to Internet Explore after set up the monitor and CPU ,so I called Dell customer service ,a gentlemen walk me through the process ..Later he told me I need to download the modem software in order for IE to work.I go to my garage and found the modem disc but unfortunately the disc was crooked!!I dunno how the disc was crooked staying inside the modem box!!.So the next day I walk into the cable company ,request a new disc.Come back with the new disc happily..My toy can read the new disc and it's work!!!!Woo..hooo!!!
Problem # 2....I can't find my new Canon camera software.I think maybe I left it at my mom's home in Kayel!!*sobbing*.I go online looking for free download but it's said I need a disc in order for me to get new update.I called Canon USA and they told me I need to purchase one at $19.99 and all in is about $25 with S&H!!wau..lau!!But I told them I still have a very old version software ,that was 7 year old,my Canon 100,will it work?.Again that lady pass me to technician.Luckily the technician told me it's will work,save me $25!!!.That proven to be true!!
Problem #3..My new Toy can't read my camera disk from card reader that I used to download the image from my camera..Wonder why??.Quickly take out all my camera accessories and hook up with the original hard wired directly to the new toy!! Taa...dah!!'s work!
Problem #4.My new toy can't find printer set up after I hook up my printer.I unplug and reconnect the printer ans start all over again..At last I realised it's in different drive and I need to input my own printer model.Not auto detect?.
Problem#5..Install my old mic but doesn't's said maybe the mic not compatibility..Again I need to buy a need a new mic again!
Problem #6..Download Skype and done but later pop up and said it's can't read OS with Vista!!What the heck!
Problem #7..Download my favourite photo resize software VSO but it's keep saying the file does not exist!!.I check again the software it's said compatibility with Vista.Then I unistalled and reinstalled again for the 4 times but it's still not working!!"hum!!Now I have to manually resize my photo using the Microsoft manager photo one by one!!.I read somewhere online review said Window XP is better than Vista!Isn't true?.If yes..then I'm screwed! I placed few bid in eBay for the router I like but it's turn out I was out bidden!!..So disappointed!!*huff*.So I go straight to my kitchen and make this savoury Dumpling(Zhang)..What is better than to fill up my upset mind and body with this delicious zhang,right?. First time making this Zhang ,not perfect but editable!!lol! When I see this little rascal happy face,my problem vanish temporary!!.She happily chowing down her Zhang!

How it's taste Mishu?.She told me she wanna a fork rather than spoon.Okay fork for you!
Mishu remember she had Zhang with her great grandmother in Malaysia.She keep mentioned"tai ma"(my grandma) feed her Zhang!!She amazed me with her memory!!
She said she wanna to show grandma(my mom) she eating Zhang.She let me take her photo with one Zhang!.For you "Ah mah"!! mom see my blog regularly to get Mishu update.
She happily post with her Zhang for "Ah Mah".
I'm going to post my Zhang (dumpling) recipe in my kitchen blog later.Hop over and see what cooking!!.Enjoy!.

What I Bought In Chinatown,NYC!!

As I promised to show you what I bought in Chinatown the other day.Actually I almost forget to take the photos while I put all my grocery and food away.But anyway I'm going to show you randomly some items still in my kitchen table and floor.I was quite happy with all my purchase this trip.This trip I don't have to rush like crazy,take my own sweet time to shop while waiting for Elliot to finish his bussiness.The only down side is Mishu asleep in the stroller,and I can't really go into the store to shop,other than that I'm happy.

I bought this baseball cap for Elliot.He have one blue in color somewhere in the house but I like this color,it's $2.00,why not?.Furthermore he is a Dragon!!.And I have a tattoo dragon on my left ankle,love it!

Guess what is inside this box?.$9.99...good number,rite?
A colorful and new design claypot!!.It's been years,I'm thinking of getting a claypot for my kitchen .The sale person recommend the new design claypot ,said it's heat tolerant and don't crack easily.
A bigger size double boiler for Chinese herbs.My previous small double boiler was broken by Mishu 2 years ago.Anyway,my mom gave me some Chinese herbs and I brought it back with me from Kayel.I'm going to cook some Chinese herbs for Mishu and me in this double boiler.Elliot not interested in TCM,said it stink!!
I bought 2 pound of dry shrimp,going to make "kam heong" and shrimp floss(serunding sambal) soon.After we finished our lunch,I promise myself to get some sushi ingredients in Asian market.I'm going to make some sushi later..Hop to my kitchen and see what cooking!!
I can't resist not to buy Malaysia snack and Chan Heong Assam Laksa paste!!.I took all 9 packets Assam Laksa paste on the shelf!!.Oh! I forget to get this Assam Laksa paste from Kayel when l was there during CNY! At last I found Alkaline water(Kan Sui) in Asian market.Well,in Malaysia it's called Alkaline water but here they called it Sodium Bicarbonate.No wonder I keep searching high and low for Alkaline water but can't find it until I ask the sale person .The Chinese writing said "雪 淦 水",that right!!..I'm going to make Malaysia cake(kuih muih) soon.Watch out!!
Bought some perishable and green like lemongrass,lotus root,baby green mustard and Chinese vegetable.I also bought some noodles,tofu and seafood like shrimp,fish fillet,flounder and etc..I think all this purchase will last me a month or so but I still need to buy meat from our local supermarket .Elliot is not a vegan and hate green.

At last my new Dell desk top arrived!!.I customized a Dell Inspiron 530 and get it on Father Day sale.I still didn't hook up this desktop yet ,waiting for Elliot to assemble my new computer table,and waiting for my new router to arrive.I will review this system once it's up and running!!Hope it won't disappoint me!!

Father Day's Dinner and Dessert!!

As usual,every Mother Day's or Father Days we rarely go out to eat at the restaurant.On these special day ,all the restaurant in US was fully packed .I have no idea why Father or Mother Day's must fall on Sunday every year.Anyone?.This year we don't give each other gift as for the last 2 months we both been buying stuffs we love(hobby) for our self.I keep buying baking tools,cooking & baking books and kitchen utensil like crazy and Elliot keep buying his motorcycle accessories like there is no tomorrow.So we are even!!.But Father Day's is still a special day for us to celebrate,right?...So on this special day I cooked some special meal and dessert for him..Here is goes....
I baked Seafood Mostaccioli Rigati Rustica as dinner on this special day
How it's look?.It's taste good with creamy sauce and plenty of shrimp,fish,crab stick and chicken.
Beside pasta dinner, I also baked a Carrot Cake as dessert for Elliot.When I visited Rita blog yesterday I saw she baked a lovely Home made carrot cake for David which inspire me to do the same.Actually I never bake any carrot cake before and the worst thing is I didn't know Elliot love Carrot Cake.So far I know he love cheese cake,pumpkin pie and cup cake.When I woke up in the morning the first thing I asked him..."Daddy you like carrot cake?". He replied"Of course,I love carrot cake"!!.Ooosssphh!! I didn't know you like carrot cake!!.I guess carrot cake is "Kwailo"(American) cake which I will never buy when I visit bakery store.
I quickly go to my book rack looking for dessert and baking book for carrot cake recipe.Woo...hooo!!! last I found 2 carrot cake recipes and of course I choose the simply and easy recipe to bake.I decorated my carrot cake with cream cheese icing using Wilton's cake decoration tools. How it's look?.
This carrot cake is really moist and soft.I never try carrot cake before and I find this recipe is really good and simple. Of course I alter some of the ingredients especially the sugar and carrot amount .
I think Elliot can't finish this whole cake by himself and I'm not a cake person.This recipe serve 10 person.Tomorrow,I'm going to give half of this cake away to my neighbour.Hope they like it.Well,I'm going to post both recipes in my kitchen blog later.Hop over to my kitchen blog if you're interested!!.Enjoy!!..

Happy Father Day

Happy Father Day to all the father out there and especially to hubby,Elliot!!
You're Her Inspiration,You're Her Strength,Your 're Her Hope and You're Her Best Beloved Daddy in the World!. You will be there for her always...unconditional LOVE...

Wordpress Themes

Recently when I was searching for a new template for my currant blogs,I saw some blogger have attractive and cool theme in their blog and that make me wonder to get one for myself. .In fact I would like to create another blog but my currant blog with Blogger almost reach the maxima Gigabyte given to me to download photo.While I was surfing online,I saw alot of blogger using Wordpress blog instead of the blog from google.I heard some blogger like Wordpress blog because it's ready made wordpress themes ready to use. I can choose themes that suit to my taste and personality in my blog.I love shopping and would love to have my new blog with shopaholic theme .If you are looking for a free, impressive and professional design themes in your blog,Wordpress Themes is right for you.Properly most of the themes you haven’t seen yet on other blogger blog .All themes offer quality, elegance and a user-friendly interface.It's easy to install the themes in your blog with fixed width ,ready widgets ,right side bar and many more to choose from for yourself.I'm going create my own new blog and looking for Ready-Made WordPress theme on the net for my blog site that can give me satisfaction and headache free.

Chinatown Here I Come!!

Yes,yesterday I visited Chinatown again.You must be thinking why you always heard I'm going to Chinatown but but don't mistaken.NYC have more than 3 large Chinatowns.Each borough have own Chinatown.One located at Sunset Park,Brooklyn,another one in Flushing ,Queens and the largest one is in Manhattan ,NYC.This time I went to NYC Chinatown which take me 55 miles drive one way or 1.5 hours without traffic.Right! that is really far for me to go down to NYC.That another reason why I tagged along with Elliot going to the city.If you heard I always said CITY,that is Manhattan.For New Yorker we referred Manhattan as CITY.Elliot want to do some business in Downtown and invited me to go with him because he can use HOV lane during peak hour.As for me I want to get some Asian grocery ,food and perishable.So we kill 2 birds with a big stone!!
As usual I have to be the MAP.We are using 278 EW or Brooklyn -Queens Expressway from LIE(Long Island Expressway).I prefer to use Willamburg Bridge to the city but for Elliot ,he only know how to use 59th Street Bridge(Queensboro Bridge) which is located at the north of the city and Chinatown is located at Downtown.I don't understand why he like to use unnecessary route to reach his destination,wasting time,gas and have to wait in the crazy traffic bumper to bumper. HSBC building is a landmark on Williamburg Bridge going to the city from Queens
The signboard said it all!!
We park our car under Brooklyn Bridge,near East River.Yes,it's quite a long distant walk to Chinatown but what to do!!..
Mishu is in her Mc Benzs.oh!! she need her Mc Benzs when she shop in Chinatown if not I can't carry her at all when she refuse to walk. 50 pound gal!!
It's still too early,all the shop didn't open yet!.I think it's about 8.00 am. Pell St looking toward Confusion Plaza.But I know one Malaysia restaurant open at 6.00am ,so I quickly push Mishu with me to get some Malaysian coffee and kuih muih.
While waiting for seating ,I order Nasi Lemak for myself and Mee Goreng for Mishu.Beside that I also order takeout ,Nasi Kunyit with Sambal,3 please!!.Suddendly a friend call me at the side walk so loud!!.Yelling out my name!!Ooooohhh!! I almost jump up and have heart attack.Later they joined Mishu and me for breakfast.I guess whenever I go to Malaysia restaurant I can meet people I haven't see for years. I guess Malaysian circle is quite small.
After breakfast,we shop for food and grocery ..Look these man clean up street in Chinatown
Do you see what I see??
I'm thinking of getting 2 of this to catch moles and chipmunk at my lawn and yard.But how to catch moles that always stay under the soil and run so fast??. I think when Elliot see this thingy he will said"good luck"!!
Yes,it's moongosteen!!.Big and fresh but $9.00 a pound not a kilo!! If a Kilo is $9.00, I don't mind get it immediately !!..Aiyoooo pound...after minus the shelf what else is left?.
Good looking Lychee but I recalled last year I bought 3 pound for $10.00..Maybe Lychee season just begin,that why the prices is a little higher.I should wait for a month or so for the vendor to bring down the price to 4 pound for $10!!hehehe!!
Then we walk to Litty Italy.I think Little Italy have Italy festival during summer every year. Look at the building ,the architecture and design ..look so cool..

Luckily the heatwave has gone!But Mishu still feel the heat ..She is tired and sleepy
A delivery truck reverse and knock this fire hydrant down in front of me!!.Then just left without turning his head!!.This is New York,New York!!Seeing is believing!
Italy restaurant on second floor
Looking toward Midtown building
Did you see ME snapping away my camera like tourist in front of this Chinese BBQ restaurant??Elliot laugh at me,said I look like China man tourist with camera.
Famous hair salon "Top Cut" for Asian/chinese people
Look at the parking price in Chinatown!!..If you refused to walk or get summon or get your car tow away ,you better park your car here. Trust me it's save you alot of trouble if your car tow away in the city!!.You have to pay penalty,summon,taxes and rental for your car to park in the tow junk.
East Broadway Looking toward Confusion Plaza
NYC court house at Centre Street
We meet Elliot for lunch.He want to have quick lunch ,ask me to recommend a good restaurant.I choose this Fusion restaurant,thinking they serve sushi which he love.
The showcase display look good
I'm looking at the lunch set,look good also...
Let's go inside and enjoy our lunch
Nice decoration with Sumo painting on the wall Cool deco plates and bowls on the wall
More sake drum deco
Mishu choose to seat with her daddy.She know how to make him happy
Daddy Little's Gal

Mishu telling her daddy secret,must whispering
Mishu waiting for her sushi
Here the sushi come..Dragon Roll $9 ,Shrimp Tempura Roll$8.5 and Salmon Alaska Roll $7 but
Both of us was so dissapointed with the sushi quality..They used old shrimp tempura,from last night,the alaska roll only wrap with cucumer inside and the dragon roll don't look like dragon roll with so much rice instead of eel.With the price we paying for the roll it's really expensive compare with take out restaurant quality and service...they are really sucks!..sorry to said that but I can make better sushi compare with this crap they serving us.
Mishu enjoying her sushi...she request for chopstick
She is using kiddo chopstick which I have to make for her,this restaurant don't even have training chopstick.
I order yellowtail sashimi but the fish is not fresh..
We waited for our order more than 30 minutes ,no wonder everybody come to eat Ramen only not sushi ..We don't even care to complaint,just refused to eat in this restaurant in future.
I promise we won't come here again for sushi ..Sorry for the rambling
I'm going to make my own sushi soon..I think my own make sushi which is much much better than what this restaurant serve!!
I order a mixed Ice slush..Mishu refused to eat it....not sweet really and tasteless

After lunch,Mishu have her nap in her stroller ..Daddy go back to his bussiness..
I continue with my shopping while Mishu is asleep ..After shopping ,buying this and that I can't push Mishu stroller anymore...The stroller is full with hanging plastic bag left and right Call daddy to rescue ...after 4 pm we heading home..
Used Willy Bridge again to Queens ...Rush hour
View looking at the Queens Bay
When we reach home it's exectly 6 pm.We all are dead tired but I still have to put away all my food .I remember I have my Fondant class the next day but I still didn't bake and prepare my classes tools.Come back to see what I bought in Chinatown!


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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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Hi!! My name is Lesley and I'm a simple SAHM(stay at home mom) who currantly live in Long Island,New York with my daughter Mishu and hubby Eliot .I'm Malaysian who live in US and A for many many moon and I'm a person who love to eat, cook and bake.If you have any suggestions ,questions or comments please feel free to email me at beachlover1917(at)yahoo(dot)com. To know more about my life or my kitchen you can always hop over to my other 2 blog.