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My DIY Food-Photography Studio

It's about time Eliot finished up my DIY food-photography studio!! I been nagging him for months to do this project for me..At last he did it! If you're in food-photography ,you will understand what I'm talking about.For months I was searching for some answers,why my food photos doesn't make the cut.After doing many "googling" I come to understand I need a powerful camera like DSLR and a very good lightning.But to get a expensive DSLR camera is out of question,so my option is to improve the lightning.Too bad summer is over now,by 2 pm the sun is too weak for me to get a good photo.I prefer natural light when taking my food photo but beggar can't be choosy now..Actually I planned to attend a photography class in a local school nearby but decided not to waste my money on classes instead use the money to buy 2 lamps and accessories for my DIY studio. I understand do sell the pro Lowel-Ego Studio in set but it's too expensive for me to invest for my new found hobby.I also found a wonderful blog with it's own great idea to do her own DIY food-photography studio: jugalbandi .I quickly show her DIY studio in her blog to Eliot.Of course ,what Eliot did to my DIY studio is slighty different from her.From my previous post you keep hearing me visiting Home Depot,right? Let's me present my new DIY Food-Photography Studio..
When I woke up in one fine morning,my Mc Guyver complete one side of Lowel Ego lamp for me!! I was impressed but still complaint ,the lamp it's too high and too big! My Mc Eliot said he can't do any alternation now,too late now, coz the translucent lamp cover is too fragile to cut again. It's will just shatter into small pieces..
This is my own make DIY studio with parchment paper and USPS box..too pathetic.. I do it myself ,been using for a while but didn't make the cut..

With this studio I have to hold the lamp while taking the photo which is the pain in the axx.....The photo is not in great shape...
Ok..let me bring you to tour my new DIY studio...Look from inside angle
The other side of studio..Actually Mr Mc Eliot already did one side of studio for me but with a particle board .He don't really like the particle board quality,look too cheap and weightless,can't stand on it's own like my new studio.He later get this thick plank wood from Home Depot at $5.00 a piece then divided to 2 pieces.
The back of the lamp..My Mc Eliot want to do it right,so he buy another tool to drill the round hole from Home Depot...I bought 2 piece each electrical wire,light socket and electrical plug from Lowe's..Let's me calculate all the DIY 'studio cost later ...
Look at the perfect lamp back..look great,right?
This is the tool My Mc Eliot have to buy to drill the perfect hole
Did you see my 2 Lowel-Ego studio waiting for me?.
I ordered 2 pieces of Lowel Ego bulb from bulb is specially make for photography...each piece cost $15!! quite expensive right?.but better than the whole set of studio sold at Amazon at $200 plus plus! I can lay the lamp side way and my props any way I like.
or like this with my props
How it''s my DIY's Food-Photography look? What do you think?
Took this shoot with DIY Studio -Lowel Ego lamp.
took this shoot with regular house lamp..see the different?
Look better,huh?.If you wanna to see more better looking food-photography,hop to my kitchen now!
Overall,my new DIY studio cost me about $55..Let me break down the cost to you here:
1:Translucent lamp board $8.99 plus tax
2:Electric plug $2.60 each x 2
3:Electric wired $1.29 each x
4:Plank wood board $5.00 plus tax
5:Lowel lamp $15.00 each x 2
5: Drill hole tool and nails $?? no idea how much Mr Mc Eliot paid!
6: Mr Mc Eliot time and sweats:PRICELESS!!
Overall I'm very happy with the result! I have to thanks My Mc Guyver for his effort and hard work to accomplish my request! .Thank you very much ,my dear:)) Now I can look forward to my new food studio without waiting for the sun to rise..



Rita Ho said...

No wonder professional photographers charge high fees. They have to spend on equipment and props. Enjoy your new hobby, Lesley!

Baking Fiend said...

very nicely done indeed! u're one lucky lady. :)

ICook4Fun said...

Mr Mc Guyver did a darn good job with the Mini studio. Look very professional :) Mine still in bit and pieces and waiting for my Mc Guyver to finish it.

dawn said...

Wow, your McGuyver very tei sek. It looks really good, excellent!.

HI said...

Wow...didn't know have to use special lamp. Your photo studio looks great!

mycookinghut said...

Wow.. the DIY is good!!! I don't think I could ever build that!
In London, chance to get daylight is after about 2pm is just glim.. Sometimes, there is not daylight at all... it's usually grey and dark..
So, I have to depend on artificial light during winter :(
I got softboxes... next time I will blog about my photography :)

Beachlover said...

Yes,pro photographers charge higher fees coz their equipment like lens and camera is really expensive! A good camera can range from 1K -10K without the lens.

baking fiend:
LOL! not really lucky but hubby is quite handy with tools.

I can't wait to see Carlos handmade mini studio for you..

Aiyoooo...waiting for 2 months,baru siap..mengamuk here and there lor!

yes,mine just look cheap and simple,photo not really good still...but what to do now!

I can't wait to see your softbox...I think now I need a good camera like Tartlettels!LOL!

mycookinghut said...

The price of DSLR camera has decreased quite a bit.. I bought mine probably 1.5 years or so... and the price has come down almost half!
It's a great investment though.

beachlover said...

that will be my next Bday gift DSRL!lol! I know some major eletronic store here are closing,having big sale but can't ask so many thing at once from hubby la..Just ask a new laptop,Hubby already said yes!!nanti he said I ask GPS,Kitchen Aid mixer,sewing machine,then this and that la ,bla,bla,bla..must take a step at one time! cannot too much man!LOL!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is a good tip!

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