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Halloween Cookies

Did you see white flying ghost on the cookies??.Cool right?.

Did you see the bloody red blood and greenish alien blood dripping on the cookies??.
Close-up look at Mishu cookies.Scary and haunted cookies. I used some marshallow as the icing but mostly I used only caramelize sugar.
The first batch of cookies,on cooling rack.
Second batch of cookies,prepare for topping.
Today, I try to clean up the front entrance and front lawn before tomorrow Halloween.So,I use a blower to blow all the leaves in a big pail and rake all acorns that cover fully on my new lawn and dump in a big garbage pail for collection.Mishu is using a big broom to help me(her version of help is moving her broom from left to right).She run to backyard and bring this big broom out to sweep on the driveway.I didn't even ask her to do help me.Look at her,working hard,right?.hahaha!!
Since she is a good girl,told her that I will make her some Halloween cookies for her.So,I just finish half of my lawn and to be continue tomorrow.It's getting so dark,it's just 6 pm.Remind me of daylight saving coming soon. *********************************************************************************
As I promise Mishu I'm going to make her Halloween cookies after we done raking.I randomly search pumpkin cookies and found one is quite easy in Allrecipe.Actually I plan to make raisin oatmeal cookies but since it's Halloween,why not add pumpkin??.So I quickly drive to Walmart ,wanna get some Halloween sugar sprinkle and baking stuffs.Here is the recipe:

8 ounces butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
1 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup pumpkin puree
1 cup rolled oats
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup raisins
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
Cream together butter, white sugar and brown sugar until fluffy. Beat in egg, vanilla and pumpkin.
In a separate bowl, mix together the oats, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, raisins and flour. Stir into pumpkin mixture.
Drop cookies by the heaping teaspoonful on to cookie sheets covered with parchment paper. Bake 12 to 15 minutes or until slightly browned around edges.
Remove from oven and place on cooling racks. Frost with your favorite powdered sugar glaze or leave plain.
The cookies are soft, chewy and delicious!".I'm not a fan of pumpkin but I figure that Halloween connected with pumpkin so I add some pumpkin puree into raisin and oatmeal cookies.It's not bad at all.My second time baking cookies!!.I really make sure I follow the right measurement and set timer on dot.I even bought some baking gadgets from Walmart.My next mission is to make cake!!hahaha!! Wish me luck!!.Ok.Stay tune for tomorrow, Mishu's Trick and Treat outing!!.

Monthong Durian and Fruit Rojak

Frozen Monthong Durian $0.99 a pound!!.Here in US,we can buy Monthong Durian anytime,do not need to wait for Durian season because it's in frozen form.This is not Blue Ribbon,it's yellow tag with elephant but it's acceptable flavor and flesh.When we went shopping at Hong Kong Supermarket,I asked Mishu,would she like to eat Durian,she said "yes and yes".She keep saying "liuuuuu--lian".Yesterday,she bring to me this Durian which wrapped with plastic bag,said "mummy open"mummy open".I check and it's not more frozen,so Viola!!.time for durian again!!

My fruit rojak with Home Sweet Home rojak sauce.I add jicama(sengkung),mango,cucumber,fresh pineapple,Chinese cruller,roasted peanut and chilli padi.It's so easy to make,I microwave cut cruller, then microwave peanut with 2 tsp of oil,crush with pestle and mix all the fruit and vegetable together with the pre-make sauce.
I never try any pre-make rojak sauce ,then I saw this brand sitting next to shrimp sauce"har koh" on the shelf when I shop at Hong Kong Supermarket.Why not,let buy one and try myself.Actually it quite good but I used almost half of this just for a plate of rojak as shown above.It's not spicy ,so I add some chilli.It's taste like what I made myself homemade-rojaksauce ,just not too strong in "har koh" flavor
This Monthong Durian taste quite sweet and really good.Of course ,can't compare with Malaysian Durian.Look at the flesh!!The upper part that look crystal is because of frozen and defrost.
Closer look.Strong smell and the flesh is soft and moisture.I think,I have lady luck to choose Durian.Sometime,you never know,hard like rock and tasteless.
Mishu really love "liuuu-lian".She eat like a real pro!!hahaha!!Licking her fingers.I remember,last year,she just have few bite and run away but now she keep eating.
Look at Mishu, biting her "liuuu-lian away..Hmmm,she told me good!!
I told my hubby,see your daughter eat this funky smell fruit which you find unbearable.Hahaha!!Too cold to eat outside,so we just sit on kitchen floor.Majority win,2 against 1 .That the reason I teach Mishu to eat funky smell,weird,spicy and poison hot food at early age.So I can have the majority!!
Mishu love this dress.My friend Lian See send it from Malaysia to her.It's quite snug on her chest,so I let her wear at home ,guess she can't wear next year.
Hmmmmm,licking fingers good!!.."Ok.mommy to be continued tomorrow" after she finish 2 pieces.I pack the rest and eat again today.I think it's almost 11 pieces for this 5 lbs of Durian,not bad right?.Durian and rojak again today .The food of heavan!!

Nigirizushi and Sashimi Platter

This platter of sashimi and a red snapper tempura roll .Ingredients for this roll are tempura snapper,salmon,cream cheese,cucumber,kani and avocado .This platter also belong to hubby.

Shrimp and fresh salmon sashimi
Fresh salmon nigirizushi.Hubby love salmon nigiri,he finish all of this!!
Platter of nigirizushi(tamago,shrimp and fresh salmon) and a special giant roll.Ingredients of this roll are tempura red snapper,shrimp,tamago,avocado,cucumber and cream cheese.
I made Mishu a inside out giant roll with tempura red snapper,salmon,tamago,kani,avocado,cucumber and cream cheese.
Look at Mishu chowing away her roll of 8 pieces.She try everything as long as editable.
I was rushing to finish making sushi for Elliot.Sunday Football start at 1.00 p.m and the game are Giant's NY vs Miami Dolphin in London ,Wembley Stadium.Elliot is working at our neighbour fence.One of the neighbor write us a note,told us that our tree fell and hit their fence all the way back in our property.Well,since the tree sit on our property,we have to fix it.
I managed to buy some fresh salmon and red snapper,so I decided to make Elliot sushi.This afternoon,I make him some nigirizushi here and sashimi for a change beside maki as he eat most of the time.He thought I make him deep dried maki as before but I told him instead of deep fried roll I make him tempura red snapper wrapped inside the roll here .Of course,he don't mind ,he happily chow his sushi away.He told me that fresh salmon sushi taste really good.I not really a big fan of sushi .I also make Mishu a big red snapper tempura roll and cut to 8 pieces.She love to dip with soy sauce and wasabi.Usually kid at her age just learn to eat beginner roll like California Roll and Seaweed Roll but not Mishu,she at advance stage now.Hahaha!!She been eating sushi before she was 2 year old and of course ,at that time she only allowed to eat cooked fish not raw fish.Her pediatrician told me that she had completed all her hepatitis shot up todate until she 5 year old.
As we all know eating sushi in the restaurant is quite expensive,especially with the whole family,so I will make mine at home as usual step by step here.As long as we have fresh fish and seafood,that matter.Appearances and presentation doesn't really matter.

Sambal Shrimp with Rutabagas (Wax Turnip)

Rutabagas are similar to turnips, which also puts them in the cruciferous vegetable family. Experts believe rutabagas may be the offspring of the wild cabbage and the turnip. They have a firm, yellow-orange flesh similar to that found in yellow-flesh potatoes. They're also more dense and sweeter than turnips, and contain less moisture. On the outside, rutabagas are half yellow-orange, half burgundy or purple. To add to their shelf life most rutabagas are waxed. This wax must be peeled or removed prior to cooking.

I was looking thorough my vegetarian recipe book last week and I realise that Rutabagas do sell in our local market.Mostly ,Rutabagas sell in our local market are grown in Long Island.I bought a Rutabagas weight about 2 pound.I never cook this root vegetable but wanna to try and taste how it is.But,how should I cook this root?I still have no idea while I peel and removed the skin and cut in small piece first.Then I took a bite,it's really hard.I thought it will taste like jicama but not!!.The smell is quite strong ,it's like nutty flavor and if you eat daikon before,you should know how to describe it.I took the cut turnip and soak in cold water for an hour. Ahaaa!!.How about cook with sambal since I have ready cook sambal in the
I just scoop 2 tsp of homemade sambal in a wok and stir fried for 10 minutes but I realise these root is still hard and don't have water retention,so I add some water.I let it cook for another 10 minutes before adding seasoning,scallion ,pepper and shrimp.In US,the shrimp graded in number and count.Mostly they come from Thailand,China,Peru,Mexico and Ecuador.When the number going bigger,the shrimp size is getting smaller and vice verse.I used 26/30 count headless large shrimp.
Here is the recipe:
1 pc of Rutabagas ( 2 lbs)
10 pc shrimp
10 of pepper
2 stalk of scallion
2 tbsp of homemade sambal here
1 tsp of chicken powder
2 tsp of sugar
1 tsp of tamarind powder
200 ml water
It's not bad at all using sambal cook with it.I guess the sambal overtake the strong smell of these root turnip.After cooking for 20 minutes,the vegetable lost the hardness but still maintained the crunchiness.And after 2 days,these cooked rutabagas still have the same appearance.Usually we Asian won't use these root to cook our meal but give it a try,at least we can compare with our regular vegetable and root.

Kingo Pudding

Today I go to collect my passport in Malaysia Consulate in New York City.Well,I suppose to collect it on the third day after I send in for renewal, last 3 weeks ago.But I'm too lazy and it's a nuisance to find a parking spot in the city especially at United Nation vicinity.Actually,I planned to go yesterday with hubby ,but when we woke up,it's was raining until late noon.It's so weird that the collection time allowed is only between 2-4 pm.Anyway,I drive in to the city with Mishu and we arrived at the consulate at 3.10 pm.I'm sooooo so daring,park in front of Malaysia Consulate with red "NO Standing" sign posted.I quickly run inside the consulate and request to have my passport handle to me ASAP before I get few big violation tickets.Driving in Manhattan is really nerve wrecking and need my 110 % concentration.Cab driver aka Yellow taxi and livery cab are the worst driver!!.They are fighting with each other to get customer.They just shoot from the 4 th lane to first lane,cutting in front of you without signal or warning,they just don't care.Heard that their cab renting perday cost $150,so they try to make as much trip as they can or else they can not cover the expenses and renting cost.I refused to deal with peak hour traffic plus raining day,so I just hit back to Queens.I shop for Mishu clothes in Northern Blvd and we go to Elmhurst for dinner and food shopping.Look at what I found!! Look good and delicious,right??.Sorry,I didn't make it.I bought 2 bowls of these Durian Pudding,new item in the market. This a Durian Pudding.It's come with a attractive plastic mold.And it's weight about 415 gm.
I chilled for10 minutes before Mishu tasting her "foh toh".She called her jello in mandarin as "foh toh"
Woww!! Mishu taste something different now!!.What it is...mommy??.Why not sweet at all??.Her taste bud is very strong now.
Hmmmmm...I don't think I wanna to eat this.Okay, I'm done mommy!!.Then she play with it.I ask her to leave it alone if she don't wanna to eat anymore.I taste's taste like a jello but not sweet .I'm not a sugar person but I still find it not sweet at all.The taste is understandable Durian flavor but so mellow.Is pudding a dessert or ???..Shouldn't dessert have some sweetness ?.Well....I bought another items from the same company.Hope this one turn out better.
Inside the pudding have something like "attap chee" version.It's also tasteless but crunchy.
This small pudding have 5 different flavors as you can see on the label.It's weight about110 gm each.I didn't try it yet.Hope it will taste better than Durian pudding.It's said manufacture in Sungai Petani,Kedah.Is this product sell in Malaysia or it's just for US consumer?.I think the company need to improve the flavor in their product.From scale 1-10,I rate it 3.......huh!! but who am I to judge?.Anyway,I like to try new item available in today market,as long as it eatable,I'm in.

Roast Pork (Char Siew)

You can see the top part was burnt,so I cut it off before serving.What to do, my first time making char siew.Next time will be better,I promise.

I found this pint of Maltose(Mat Gar) in Hong Kong Supermarket.It's really cheap,just $1.00 each.
These 2 strip of pork loin are very lean ,I removed all the fat before broiling.*Sob Sob Sob*Burnt some on the top part liao!!
I made roast pork(char siew) from scratch last week.Of course, this is my first time broiling my own char siew and you can see some part of char siew was too charred and burnt .Usually ,I will just buy ready make char siew from Chinatown.But for the first time, I wanna to try to make my own char siew at home,so I purposely buy a big vacuum pack of pork loin in local supermarket .When Elliot saw how big was the loin,he made this remark"wow!! are you going to feed the whole neighbour with that big meat?''.hahaha!!.Actually not really that big,it's just 15 lbs,but after removed the fat,it's just about 11-12 lbs.I found some recipe online and mix and match my own recipe to create my own char siew.
Here is the recipe:

5 lbs of pork loin,
5 tbsp Oyster sauce
5 tbsp Soy sauce
1 tsp Sesame oil
4 tbsp Sugar
2 piece red fermented beancurd(nam yee)
2 tbsp Chinese wine
2 tbsp 5 spice powder
2 tsp Hoisin sauce

Marinate pork with marinating sauce overnight.Preheat oven at 425 F.Prepared a aluminium over a deep tray for wrapping the pork for broiling.I'm too lazy to scrap thew bottom of sauce dripping tray .Move marinated pork on to it and cover with foil.Broil char siew at 425 F for about 20 minutes.Remove from oven. Open the top foil and broil again until gravy thickens and coat the pork..But I forget to set timer,so you can see my pork was burnt on the top.. When pork is cooked, brush with maltose, remove and slice.. Serve with rice or noodles.
Note:I made a big mistake by setting the pork at the first rack for broiling.My second mistake, I shouldn't set on broiling instead I should set the oven for baking .The taste is not too bad.And I think I add too much seasoning too,maybe one of the reason it burn so fast..Some recipe out there suggesting to add red coloring,but I forget that too time I should know better how to correct these mistakes!!.But anyway,I used all of them to make char siew pau filling.

Daddy's Girl

I randomly choose Mishu photos in her 33 months old period.Sorry,my online album is a mess.So her age doesn't go accordingly in order.You also can compare her look with her daddy.She is her daddy mini-me.Enjoy!!
This is Mishu's daddy at 4th month old.Look below photo the same posture of Mishu at same age.
This is Mishu's daddy not Mishu again.I'm not pulling your leg!!.Look at the quality and color of these photo.Am I right?.Both father and daughter look a like!!!Carbon copy.
Mishu celebrated her 2 nd Birthday this Jan .I get a Tiramisu from Tai-Pan Chinese Bakery in Flushing ,NYC
Mishu wearing this red dress given by my mom from Malaysia when she was here for my confinement.
Mishu was in Montreal last Christmas.In front of Holiday Express Inn Hotel waiting for her daddy to get our van.
Mishu and daddy at Chinatown,Toronto,last Christmas
Mishu open her Christmas gift in Holiday Inn Hotel,Montreal ,Canada
Mishu walking in hotel lobby ,Niagara Fall,Canada
Mishu at Disney On the Ice,Nassau Coliseum,last year
Mishu and Daddy at pumpkin patch on hayride last Oct
Mishu in front of her Barbie's house,last fall
Mishu and Daddy at Starbuck Cafe last Christmas ,after taking photo with Santa's
Mishu and Daddy in Smithhaven Mall,Long Island,NY
Daddy dragging Mishu in wheelbarrow going for trick & treat last Holloween.
Last year after Christmas,Mishu sitting on kitchen floor eating Durian
Mishu and Daddy in Central Park Animal Zoo last year Spring
Mishu and daddy at Cherokee,NC last summer.

Mishu 16 month old in Central Park,NYC
Mishu going to Georgia,her grandfather home last summer.
Mishu at Museum of Air and Space in Virginia last summer
Mishu at local petting zoo last summer
Mishu at Pindar's Winery ,Long Island,last summer
Mishu 14 month old,daddy bought her a Bat Girl costume
Mishu 17 month old,eating melon
Mishu at her pool last summer
Mishu I year old at backyard
Mishu at local petting zoo,last summer
Mishu and Daddy at petting zoo last summer
Mishu 16 month oldMishu at 13 month old during Chinese New Year 2006

Daddy holding Mishu at one month old. I didn't keep this online album for myself after print out,have to search in Snapfish

Mishu's daddy at 4 th month old.Isn't Mishu look like him ?

Mishu at 5 month old .Her daddy suggested I must take her in these posture.

I forget to save these photo before resize, now have to download from Snapfish ,what to do??.
Mishu bang was cut by her daddy yesterday.He don't let me cut her bang.How is she look now ?Is her daddy skill better than my skill?
Mishu is eating her dinner this evening,she refused to let me snap her photo,show me her angry face.
Look at her bang,her daddy said he doing better job than me,isn't right?
Mishu singing and standing on her chair while eating
Mishu at neighbor party.I cut her bang this summer.Everybody said it's so ugly!!!.Her daddy forbid me to cut her bang again in future.
How is Mishu bang look with my expert hair cutting skill?.Not really bad,right?
Mishu got a suprised gift when she woke up this morning.Her daddy order Scooby Doo online 2 days ago and received this morning!!
Mishu disappointed her daddy when she show no interest in holding her Scooby Doo.So,I show him this picture,to make him happy.
Her daddy said she hold Scooby Doo is because I told her so.He thought she like Scooby Doo when she keep saying"Scooby Doo" 20 times a day.Big mistake,I told him he should discuss with me first.
Mishu still love her beloved old and torn Minnie Mouse.She have her since she was born.She won't sleep without her.Minnie and Mickey Mouse is her security blanket.She is instructing me to put her DVD in the player for her to watch.
She wanna me to "on" this eductional Snow White for her.She have another chinese language Snow White which she love very much.Guess what ,her Holloween costume for this year ???
Mishu watching eductional Snow White while rubbing her nose with the tag.That is her infamous sign for napping.This is her second tag which I have to sew in to replace the original one. She freak out everytime ,the tag and Minnie missing ,when bed time come.
Mishu is eating noodle with Tean's Crispy Shrimp Chilli sponsor by TOA
Mishu keep digging Tean's Crispy Shrimp Chilli,she refused to eat her linguine instead wanna my noodles.She steal my noodles!!
Look at the chilli in her bowl!!
Wowwwww!! she feel the heat already!!!Tongue come out liao!!.
But still keep on eating.I have to take the chilli away.She quickly have her tumbler next to her.What do you think,can she do advertisment for Tean's or TOA?The slogon said"A 33 months old toddler can eat spicy chilli,so can you'!!.hahaha!!


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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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