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Katong Laksa (Singapore Curry Laksa)

I used'lai fun"(laksa rice noodle) ,shredded chicken,fried tofu,shrimp,fish cake and boil egg.If add bean sprout it's much better.Actually,I grow my own bean sprout for 3 days before I make this laksa but Mishu play with it and later the whole tray fell from deck to patio.She run as fast as she can before I spank her.Don't have bean sprout for my laksa is fine but I have to sweep and clean my deck:(
Woooo!! My own home cooking is much much better in taste than Asian Home Gourmet paste!!

I used my precook sambal spices I cook the other day.The recipe is here
I saw this daun kesum(daun laksa) in Asian supermarket, Hong Kong Supermarket .I quickly grab 2 packets and throw into my shopping cart.It's look so fresh and the price is good.But I only used I packet and the other packet maybe I 'm using it for sambal fish.

This bowl is my second day dinner.The laksa full of coconut flavor.In another word it's very lemak,artery-clogging kind of laksa gravy.hahaha!!After eating the whole pot by myself,I have to check my cholesterol level.

I cooked Katong Laksa in my 5.5 Qt non-stick pot.Still in the pot after second day but taste better after the spices settle down.You can see the oil from coconut surface on the top.The key of this laksa is coconut milk,shrimp sauce(belacan) and daun kesum(laksa leaf).I realised that I don't have to use curry powder for Katong Laksa.Now I know the different between Katong and KL Laksa!!

Fine Shrimp sauce is another version of Shrimp_paste (belancan) in term of smell and taste but it's 5 X lesser pungent.I don't dare to use belacan,hence this shrimp sauce more or less the same taste and smell.I afraid hubby complaint about pungent smell,later he thought rat or cat die somewhere in the house..He can consider OK now,don't bitching about smoky,poison and stinky smell not like beginning when I cooked all my spicy food.So I don't dare to push him too far.
The secret is,I made him sushi maki first before I cook my pungent spicy food!!Pheeewww....
I been craving for Katong Laksa for awhile.A Malaysian friend introduce me to this laksa at Taste Good Restaurant years ago and I fell in love with it.Whenever I shop at Elmhurst I will order a take out from them but for my last 2 trips there,unfortunately they closed for the day.Now,I must remember they closed every Tuesday for the workers to have"off day".But luckily,I found daun kesum and lemongrass.So deal!.I can make my own Katong Laksa.I search online and found this recipe from Spicy and adapt to my own version a bit.
Here is goes...
Ingrendients for spices:
2 lemon grass (serai)
2 inch galangal (lengkuas)
6 candlenuts (buah keras)* I forget to add in*
10 shallot (bawang merah)
20 cloves garlic
15 dried chillies or 2 tbsp ground chilli powder
5 fresh red long pepper or chili boh
2 tsp of fine shrimp paste
1 tbsp tumeric powder or 2 thumb size pieces fresh tumeric (kunyit)
2 tbsp coriander (ketumbar) powder
4 ozs dried prawns, ground finely
*Note: All above ingredients must pound or blend until fine.
2 shrimp Knorr Cube
2 can coconut milk
Salt and sugar to taste.
1 packet daun kesum(laksa leaves) wash
Heat non-stick sauce pot until hot.Then add 2 cups oil and stir fry all fine ingredients with medium heat till fragrant and chilli oil oozes out from the mixture. Add in ground dried shrimp and stir fry mixture for another 2-3 mins.Scoop 1/2 portion of the spices out and set aside and leave the rest in the sauce pot.Can always use for side sauce or another pot of laksa next time.Turn stove heat to high,add in shrimp cube,daun kesum and coconut milk to boil. Add sugar and salt to taste. Lower the heat and simmer for10 minutes , stirring continuously.
1/2 lb shrimp, boiled,peeled and devein
1/2 packet fish cake(sliced)
1/2 lb bean sprouts
2 lbs = 2 packet laksa noodles (lai fen)
20 stalks laksa leaves (daun kesom), washed and shredded
1 packets of tofu puffs, cut into slices
2 eggs boiled and cut
1 pc shredded chicken breast
Fried Shallot
To serve:
Blanched noodles and beansprouts in hot boiling water and drain.But I use Microwave to blanch in shortcut way.Place serving bowl and arrange shrimp,fish cake, tofu puff,chicken
and egg slices on top. Pour the steaming hot soup over the noodles and sprinkle generously with laksa leaves and fried shallot.
Good to serve for 4 person.


Big Boys Oven said...

hi beachlover, laksa leaves incredible wonderful smell. I love them too.
Since you have extra pack, you can cook green curry, my aunt's version. Just use green chilli padi, onion, garlic (dry shrimp option) and mince them. Fry them till fragrant and add chicken and stir in laksa leaves. Then add seasoning.

Big Boys Oven said...

Forgotten, add coconut milk too.

Big Boys Oven said...

Forgotten, add coconut milk too.

beachlover said...

BBO,thanks for your suggestion.I bought a pack of green curry paste but not yet cook.Usually I just eat green curry at Thai's restaurant but never cook myself.Maybe I should try your aunty version.It's look easy but I have to get green chilli padi first.Okay,I note it:)

I Cook4Fun said...

Gosh, Lesley, look so lemak and yummy. What can beat this in this cold weather. I am sure it taste really good too. You have to cook this for me and Zue when we visit you :) :)

Cat Cat said...

You have to cook this Singapore Laksa for me if we are going to visit you in NY. 2 bowls for me, please.

beachlover said...

yes,Katong Laksa is very lemak.I think for a change from regular laksa this is so awesome.But after eating 3 bowls, I will just wait for a couple of month b4 I cook again.Sudah jelak:)But for Zue and you,of course la,anytime you come to NY,I will cook you a feast.Just name the date and time:)

Cat Cat
Bila nak datang ke NY?.Nanti gua masak whole pot for you,ok?don't said 2 bowl only.That is nothing.

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