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Crazy Maki (Deep Fried Giant Salmon Roll)

Make sure when you cut maki,use a sharp knife.Each cut,wipe your knife with wet paper towel or submerge in a bowl of cold water.Then the maki rice won't stick when you cut the next piece.

Each maki(roll) cut into 8 pieces.Sadly,I don't have eel sauce to spread on top of this Crazy Maki.This maki is made especially for Elliot.I will spread with spicy mayo sauce instead if I'm eating.

Make sure the fish is cook when deep fried.When deep fried the heat must be medium,if not the fish is not cook and the seaweed will easily tear off .This type of maki have to eat while it still warm or hot.Elliot just use wasabi and soy sauce for dipping.

I named it Crazy Maki since I deep fried with tempura flour for 10 minutes each side in medium heat.Be careful with the seaweed wrapper ,don't it leak and break off.If the ingredients leak out while deep fried,the whole maki have to throw away .

Wrapped Maki with seaweed,sushi rice(vinegar rice),cucumber,fresh sake( salmon),cream cheese,kani(imitation crab stick),tamago(scramble egg) and ebi (shrimp) tightly at the edges with rice.

I make 3 roll of sushi maki for Elliot for his dinner.At last, he working on my kitchen backsplash.While he insert the backsplash on the wall,he realise the sink is leaking.He have to go under kitchen sink to push the backsplash toward the wall.So,we have to run to homedepot to buy the replacement pipe and socket before it closed.Well,to make my long story short,he didn't finish his project today.He said maybe tomorrow he will continue the rest.Let see...hmmmm.
Anyway,I have prepared all the sushi ingredients.Since he love sushi so much,I make him sushi roll for his dinner for a change.I'm not good at making nigiri(fish top on rice),so I don't dare to try.Maybe I will try to make it if I have very fresh fish like tuna,yellowtail and red snapper. Anyway,Elliot happily eat his maki away.Of course ,he can't finish 3 rolls at once,still left 1 roll for tomorrow.He don't mind eating overnight food.That good about him.



Zue Murphy said...

Interesting. I have never see or taste deep fry seaweed. What is the taste like?

I Cook4Fun said...

Beachlover, I never thought of frying my sushi. Ate it before at the Jap restaurant. Maybe I should do that the next time :)

Cat Cat said...

Wow beachlover, you are very talented lah... Kena learn some sushi making kungfu from you... Eating sushi in Jap Restaurant here very expensive... Homemade is definitely cheaper.

beachlover said...

Kak Zue
Did you try tempura b4?.It's the same taste like tempura,but with seaweed wrapped roll,you just feel the crunchy outside

That right!!Most Jap restaurant have this special roll.Last week,Elliot bought 2 roll for $20

Cat Cat

Mana ada talent....just practise make perfect but I still learning.Yes,eating Japanese food is really expensive everywhere,that the reason I made at home:)

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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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