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just another day

Yes!! I'm still around,not going anywhere..just lazy to update this blog since I used FB now..By the way, I'm in hibernation since we who are in Northeast was hitting with so many snow storm during this winter..Hope no more snow storm is coming this way...

 my backyard...

Mishu going to her "Winter repertoire" 

Remember to set your clock 1 hour ahead!! Spring is coming soon!! *getting ready for allergy med*

Visit Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Yesterday we visited KLCC and I took some amazing photos of Kuala Lumpur view from the top with my old digital camera.
Kuala Lumpur Tower
Mandarin Hotel

 the park
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
solar power on top of the building
the park and garden

all 5-6 stars hotels around KLCC

our summer vacation 2013

Mishu and mommy are going to visit Malaysia again this summer.Daddy was sending us to JFK airport last Saturday..Both of us are excited leaving New York for our trip.Too bad daddy is not coming with us..

Luckily we was at the airport 3 hours early..My luggage was very much overweight but the guy who check-in for me was so nice.He let me send all my luggage thru cargo although I had 6 luggage  instead of 4 luggage as stated in the regulation.

Mishu and daddy are so sad..both of them cried. Daddy promised to call Mishu via Skype or phone..

Mishu is a great traveler since she was young..she hardly cries or complained during the long hour flight.

after 16 gruesome hours flight we finally arrived at HKIA

we had stop over at Hong Kong international airport for 2 hours

then we continue our flight again to Kuala Lumpur after having our lunch at Mc's Donald.Another 3 1/2 hours flight to KUL.The total travel hours from New York to Kuala Lumpur was 22 hours..It's was a really really long flight..Goodbye New York and welcome to Malaysia!!

Mishu's Dance 2013 Rehearsal

This blue dance outfit is Mishu's dance costume.This color is very light and dull,right? I preferred darker or gaudy color since this color or design make Mishu look bulky.Anyway,this set of costume comes in 3 different setting:Ballet,Hip-hop and Jazz..This costume cost a bomb not including 3 different type of shoes that we have to buy separately.

below video is Mishu's rehearsal from 2 weeks ago.. ..Her recital is this coming weekend. Enjoy!!

Welcome Spring Flowers

Spring season is the best season to view beautiful flowers like tulip,lilies,irises,peony,petunia,dahlia, daffodils,hyacinth,hosta, impatient,marigolds,magnolia,sakura,pansies,roses and many many more!! Since I love all type of  Spring  flowers ,I tries to plants as much as I can in my garden.Enjoy the view!!

 We visited Home Depot at the garden section..Of course, I'm happy to see all the colorful flowers there but I won't get any home with me..Mishu posting with tulip at Home Depot
 I "trimmed" her bang but it's turn out like "chopping" style

I think this is white lily
bicolor tulip


Mishu planted these tulip's bulbs a month ago.I hope they will blooms before summer..

My beautiful Hydrangea in pot

Beautiful blue Hydrangea at the front steps..

magnolia is blooming

Grape Hyacinth comes back again this spring

my tulips from last year is going to bloom again!!

after a week the red tulips blooms!!

beautiful right?

 more tulip....

my poor curry plant

 Thai's chili plants and Strawberry plant from last year
 poor turmeric plant :(
 I think the left side pot of tulip was gone case!!
 most of my perennial  plants from last year came happy now..
 I wish all these plants will survive when I come back. from my summer vacation


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Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

Princess Mishu a.k.a Kayla

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